A Water Hose and Chocolate Pie

December 19, 2007
By Alyson Browder, Norwalk, IA

When I was younger, my family met at my grandparents’ house for the whole day on Easter. Back then, I lived in Akron, Ohio and was somewhere around seven years old. That specific Easter, I was wearing my favorite blue dress, which Grandma had bought me. My cousin, Jake, was always really rude to me and made fun of me constantly. At the time, he was around eleven years old.
This day, all the cousins were outside playing tag when the adults called us in to eat. My parents left to go to the store, and right after they left, Jake locked me out of the house. I was outside trying to get in, and no one heard me pounding on the door. They were too busy eating. When my Uncle John finally heard me, he came to let me in and the whole family had already finished the meal. They explained that they thought I had gone with my parents, and when I told them that Jake did it, he didn’t even get in trouble. I was furious. Then he walked into the kitchen where I was, and as soon as he saw me he started to laugh. His laughter just made me even more embarrassed so I went to kick him. Since my dress was tight on my legs, it didn’t work out as well as I’d planned. The force of my kick, instead of hurting Jake, caused me to fall on my butt. When I fell, everyone stared at me and burst out in laughter. That day just kept getting worse.
I knew I had to get revenge on Jake though, so when I saw him flirting with the ten year old across the street, I spotted my chance. I didn’t quite know what I was going to do though, and the only thing I could think of was to spray him with the hose, so that’s what I did. Grandma’s water hose was wrapped on the side of the house. Trying to get it out without letting Jake see or hear me was hard, but when I did, the cold water took him by surprise. I didn’t think about the consequences though, because although the adults didn’t really care, he was a faster runner then I. He chased me down and got me soaked as well. So, it turned out that my second try at revenge didn’t work out either. He was mad at me for embarrassing him in front of Ashley, so he wasn’t done with me yet.
It seemed as he had forgotten about me later. For almost four hours he hadn’t said a word to me and he basically ignored my presence. It was actually pretty nice not having to watch his every move. Dessert came and we ate delicious chocolate pie, my favorite! As I was eating I was paying no attention to Jake as he got up to get another piece. He scooped another large piece and on the way back to his seat, he “accidentally” tripped and I was covered in gooey chocolate!!! It was all over my favorite blue dress! So this time he wasn’t going to get away with it, the adults had seen him plain as day, or so I thought. “Oh, it was just an accident Aly, Give Jake a break.” “He didn’t mean to Sweetie, he’s sorry.” The adults kept spitting apologies at me and no one even cared that he was laughing hysterically, and I was covered in chocolate! I accepted his apology, with a huge hug! I walked up to him and chased him down until my hug had left him covered in chocolate too. Revenge was sweet, as sweet as chocolate pie.

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