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December 18, 2007
By Kyle Widenski, Nashotah, WI

e, B, G, D, A, E, the six strings that are the biggest part of Kyle's life. He is often heard playing the six stringed guitar in his room and for other people. He was introduced to this piece of majesty in the seventh grade when he was just turned into his teens. He has not dropped the guitar for five to six years now, and plans not to even when he is dead.
Not only is he musically inclined, he just recently, about one year ago, found the sport that is growing exponentially on him quickly becoming his second favorite hobby. Lacrosse is not just a game of throwing and catching, it is about speed, quick reactions, thinking on hand, being able to absorb and make crushing body checks, and thwacking stick checks. Lacrosse is now his favorite sport. It replaced hockey and football. He not only likes to play lacrosse but he loves to watch it. He has three major sports that he is a diehard spectator, lacrosse, college and Major League, Hockey, mainly professional, and College Football.
Nothing can compare to waking up on Saturday morning and flipping on the boob tube, to see thousands of screaming loyal fans along with Kirk Herbstreet, Lee Corso, and Chris Fowler announcing all the big college games across the nation. Kyle never misses a UW Badger Football game. Not only does he like to watch the game on HD TV, but he also goes to the games courtesy of the season tickets that his family receives every year.
Writing is also one thing he excels in. It may not seem like it, but his mind is very creative and he loves to write. When he took the ACT last May, the test concurred that his strengths are not found in the boring subjects of math and science, but rather lie in the subjects of social studies and writing. He received an 11 out of 12 on the essay portion of the test, and he then realized what he wanted to do. When he is older and graduates from either Loyola University in Chicago or San Diego State University, he wants to become a journalist. Whether it is in a sports magazine, or in a music magazine, he is perfectly contempt with writing to make him money.

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