Voting Poem

December 17, 2007
The lady in the alley
Ripened with years of age
Broke down, shriveled up
How will she escape this cage?
She is like your pawn
In a game of political chess
What are you willing to sacrifice?
This woman is a mess.

The forest filled with trees
The child without the heaves
The last care on minds it has been
And when it’s gone what will you do then?
It is like your teddy
You want to care, you try.
But when it’s gone, it’s gone
Doesn’t pass your mind by.

The couple filled with love
They have no ‘praise from above’
In the hospital one lies
The other has to say goodbye
Is this what you think is fair?
Such sadness one cannot bare.
Because of what’s on your mind
The cannot live their own lives.

The family born on soil
Not soil you consider your own,
She’s trying to feed her family
What has she down wrong?
How is she affecting you?
And your gold-plated toilet seat
Who is she harming?
She’s trying to make ends meet.

The torn down homeless woman
What will you do sir?
The slowing dying forest
What do you plan to do sir?
The poor woman trying to provide
What are you willing to give sir?
The woman who are in love
What are you willing to sacrifice sir?

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