Thanks Grandma J

December 16, 2007
By Tyler Peterson, New Lisbon, WI

Ever since I was a young boy, I had wanted something. Once every couple or weeks I would go over to my Grandma Janet’s house. On the dark cherry wood mantle sat a deer statue that my grandma had bought at a local thrift store. I knew it had no value, but it didn’t matter to me that statue meant everything in the world to me.

Every time I went to my grandma’s, I would ask “can I have that.” She would say, “No, when you come over here it will sit in the same spot.” I would let out a sigh of frustration, she would smile.

The statue was a 12-point whitetail buck. About four inch wide, five inch tall creamy tan antlers and a light hint of brown on them. The body was a dark brown. But the body was starting to fade in its back. The hooves were a midnight black. He was lying in the pure green tall grass.

My 13th birthday and wasn’t expecting my grandma to come because she doesn’t get around a lot. April 18th was a Friday afternoon and up the Stairs comes Grandma Janet and family I was amazed.

So after we all had eaten and settled in. It was time to open presents. I grabbed the first one it was little. It diden’ t weigh a pound. The card read to Tyler from Grandma J. I ripped open the red and yellow rapping paper and opened the plain white box. There it was. I had a huge smile or my face. It was the best present in the world. Grandma gave me the deer Statue she always kept on the mantle. No one understood why I liked it So much. Only grandma knew.

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