I’m the Color Purple

December 14, 2007
By Averi Harper, Westbury, NY

As I tossed and turned in my bed only slightly awake, the color of my bedroom walls caught my eye. The aubergine surface thrust me into thought. What does purple mean to me? Why do I like this color? It finally came to me, I embody the characteristics of the color purple. Opposite colors red and blue converge to form this color, my color. I am not hot and emotionally conflicted as the color red nor do I conjure up the mock serenity that is associated with the color blue. I am a blissful medium, a fusion of the best qualities of two extremities. I have evolved from the fragile and delicate lavender I was as a child into the royal purple that breathes a special confidence into my aura.

Historically, purple signifies affluence. It still denotes wealth but not necessarily the monetary sort. I am rich in determination, rich in fortitude, and rich in independence. This is the wealth that the color purple defines. Within me there is an eternal source of strength that feeds my mind, body, and soul and enables me to maintain my regality.

Purple symbolizes depth of character. The fact that it can be broken into two colors shows that it is multifaceted, just as I am. I cannot be classified under one category. I am the clash between two different colors with completely opposite characteristics. The qualities of each color I exude were determined by my past experiences, instilled in me, and will never leave me. I am something totally unique, a multidimensional being.

My words and actions command attention. I have a strong opinion that rarely waivers. I do not emanate modesty nor do I wish to manifest this superfluous trait. My actions are elaborate and ornate. I am dramatic and exaggerate everything like a purple passage in a novel.

To me, purple is vibrant, dramatic, affable, and radiates confidence. I believe that I exude those qualities. Purple is more than just a color, the color purple is the very essence of my personality.

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