This I Believe

December 14, 2007
Did your friend lie or forgot their promise’s? Would we have no friends if we lied about keeping our promises? I believe that promise’s were meant to be kept.

“I will be over tomorrow, I promise.” There’s the word promise. That’s the word I said to Ryan Overstreet over myspace. He wanted me to come over but I said, “I had homework.” Then tomorrow came, my best friend Ryan Pietosi asked me to come play some basketball. I said “I will.” Then, guess what happened Ryan Overstreet emailed me and got all mad because I didn’t come down. I explained it to him and told him that I made a promise that I forgot about. Now we are cool now and were all friends again, but something deep in me felt guilty hearing Ryan say it hurt him. I learned Promises are meant to be kept.

Friends aren’t the only people who break promises. You think you would know your own dad good enough to trust him, right? That’s what I thought. My dad told me last nine weeks that if I get good grades he will get me a new video game. Report card came and I got two A’s, two B’s and one C. Those were good grades, but the problem was I never got the game. I didn’t want to say anything because he would say that he never said that. I thought he lied to me but he could have forgotten his promise he made to me.

What goes around comes around. “Want to come down?” I asked my friend, Ryan Pietosi he said, “Yes I will be down at your house in a minute.” I asked “promise?” he said “promise!” Then we hung up. An hour passed I called him and he said he was going to the movies with his girlfriend. When he told me that I felt left out. I thought, “What type of friend lies about his promise.” I was wondering if he was my friend. I was wondering if he forgot or lied.

I believe that everyone can keep their promises. Promises are not easy to keep, but everyone can do it. “I’ll be over tomorrow, I promise” I can’t believe I broke a promise. But nobody’s perfect.

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