My Guardian Angel

December 13, 2007
By Rachel Wrenn, McDonough, GA

Southern Crescent Baptist Church, the church I attend, fell to its lowest point two years ago with the resignation of both the youth minister and the preacher. They both felt that God was calling them to return to their previous churches. We were left with no leading authority and we had to pull together and keep the church from disassembling. The congregation spent countless months searching for the right youth minister, because they felt that ultimately the youth is the body of the church.
Finally, they came to a decision on a man, and the only remaining step was to have the youth meet him and decide if he was going to be a positive influence on the church. The small youth group of about twenty people huddled in a dark room waiting to meet him. He stepped on stage and introduced himself. His name was Eric Houseworth and his minute movement showed the unsettled and anxious feelings he was experiencing. I had no doubt from the moment I saw this man that he would be the greatest event that ever happened, my angel.

He conformed the youth group into amazing young adults and was often times more understanding than our own peers. He taught us to make healthy decisions and to choose our friends wisely. The most powerful sermons were delivered to us weekly and with the presence of “House” as we call him, the youth began to grow closer and to rely on each other. He became so involved in my life that I saw him as more than just a youth minister; he was my saving Grace. The influence he had on my life encouraged me to be a better person in every aspect of my life and to strive for what I knew I deserved. I did not crumble under pressure anymore because I was confident enough to stand up to it. Even when it was unintentional, if he observed me tripping down my path, he always helped pick me back up. By showing up at school football games, coming to eat lunch at school, and calling me regularly, I really felt like somebody that was not part of my family cared, at a time when I most needed it.. He showed me that there really were people in this world that had no intention of harm or using other people for their own good. He was that person.

To this day, House remains to be my angel and my saving Grace. He is everything I am not and everything I hope to be. He is one of the Godliest men I know and probably ever will know. I will always strive to be more like him and possess the qualities he has influenced me with. He picks me up when I fall down and brings humor to me on a bad day with his sarcastic and bubbly attitude no matter how bad his day has been. His influence in my life has had such an impact that I cannot imagine church, or my life for that matter without him.

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