This I Believe

December 13, 2007
By brian hopper, Wilmore, KY

You may think money isn’t everything, but I’d like to see you live without it you may not be paying for the item you’re getting but some one is and it took money to buy it and they had to work to get that money I believe money can buy happiness.

The better the grade the more video games I got I leaned a lesson from that which made me get in gear. My Dad made a deal with Me that if I could get good grades on test that every Saturday I would be able to get a new video game well that paid off cause the more I got it seemed like the happier I was and the happier I was the happier my dad was well eventually I got like any where from fifty to almost sixty games and my dad finally stopped buying the cause I was happy enough and had more than I knew what to do with and I couldn’t play them all at once.

Then there’s the birthday which you usually get money or some thing well I didn’t that year I ended up getting a playstation 2 which I thought was it was one of the best things ever well I eventually got board of those games so I had my dad go and get some different games which made me happy and it took money to buy those games that made me happy.

I eventually ended up moving in with my aunt and uncle which he sells cars and he told me about a Camaro he had and one day he had to go and pick up a car he had and this camaro was there and I walked up to it and thought it was pretty good looking and that it was nice well I found out it was cause I ended up owning it. Cause my uncle ended up giving it to me cause I wouldn’t quit bugging him about it well I had to put some money into it and finally got it running and when I started it sound like a cat purring so I went and drove it around his shop and had the time of my life. Then my uncle had to move and we had to drive it to his new shop it felt like we were gliding through the air cause it handle so good and when we got there my uncle told me that I would be able to drive it to school when I got my license it needs some work but I’m saving money and the more I save is the more I can do to it which the more I can do to it happier I am.

Remember having money is better than not having any money at all cause if you want any thing you might just be able to get it.

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