The Glass is Half Full!

December 13, 2007
Is the glass half full or half empty? I believe the glass is half full. Well what this means to me is that I have a good outlook on life or I always look at the positive side of everything, or at least most everything. There have been a lot of times that I have looked at the good side of life. It’s not easy to be positive, everybody struggles to be positive, I have many of times.

One reason that I believe this is because believe it or not someone always has it worse off than I do. As a teenager I especially think I have the worst life and it couldn’t get any worse, but it really can. I could be a starving child in Africa, with no food, no shelter, and no parents. I could be an abused child who has to go through their whole life being beaten and taken advantage of. Fortunately I and hopefully you haven’t had to deal with these kind of problems, so it could be a lot worse. There is no need to dwell on the negative in my life. If I was always negative then I would bring all the people around me down, it doesn’t take a lot to annoy my friends when I am always down and depressed, it depresses my friends.

Another reason that I believe this is because I don’t want to be a pessimist, people might think that I am too negative and not want to be around me. My first impression to anybody is lasting, and if I was very negative at that certain time, someone might think I was a pessimist, even know I’m not, so I try to be as positive as I can. If I can enlighten someone else’s day by having a good attitude, it makes me feel better. I don’t have to be in a bad mood and rood to people all the time, so why should I? I shouldn’t, so I don’t. Yeah there are times that I am in a bad mood and don’t feel like being all happy and joyful, that’s normal. But why should I be rood to other people and be crabby if I don’t have to?

I have always believed this because if I can brighten one person’s day just by being in a good mood or being happy, then everybody will be happy. I still believe this because if I be nice I will find true happiness. This belief has stayed the same, I know this because it has been proved not only to me but to people all over the world.

I truly believe that the glass is half full. This will impact my life because it will allow me to know the real value of my life and how good my life really is.

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