Disgust of Ketchup

December 13, 2007
By Jordan Cosby, Coral Springs, FL

The awful smell, the nasty taste, and the bloody sight all add greatly to my hatred for ketchup. I don’t really remember what made me hate the gooey red sauce, but I do know that I can’t stand ketchup. Ketchup has become an American favorite, but for me, it is a big disgust. Doesn’t matter where you put it, fries, hotdogs, hamburgers, eggs, and even in sauces, I will NOT touch, the horrible substance. My friends love to make fun of my odd dislike and always try to scare me. This past weekend I was eating at Steak and Shake after the football game, and the red nauseating flavoring spilled while we were sitting down and I actually had to walk outside while they were cleaning up. After a few minutes I went back in to enjoy my meal. During the meal my friends decided to play a mean trick on me, by squirting ketchup onto my fries and without even looking I took a giant bite of them. All I remember is the horrifying smell flying up to my nose and my face just scrunched up in disgust. Next was the worst part of all the dreadful taste, hitting my taste buds, all I could do was spit the gross substance back onto my plate. As all my friends looked at me with a puzzled face, not aware until then that my hatred for Ketchup was so extreme. Now they know not to mess with me and ketchup because I really don’t even know what my reaction will be next time.

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