Sweet Thirteen

December 12, 2007
By Anna Tarry, Greer, SC

We planned all summer for that day. From making invitations to shopping for dresses, it stared on my mind constantly. Since my best friend’s Lindsay’s birthday fell shortly after mine, we decided to have a huge dance party together at our neighborhood clubhouse.

The day of our party, July 24th, I can remember waking up really early to go to the dollar store to find decorations for the clubhouse. After the dollar store, Lindsay’s mom dropped us off at the clubhouse to start decorating while she went to publics for food and drinks. Lindsay and I plugged in some music and began to work. Between dancing around, hanging up streamers, and blowing up balloons, it remains one of the best parts of the day.

When the clubhouse appeared decorated to perfection, my mom picked us up to go get ready at my house. My older sisters curled our hair and did our make up for the party. After taking pictures, we headed to the clubhouse.

When we arrived at the clubhouse, we met our DJ and started greeting out guests. When everyone arrived, we all started dancing and having an amazing time. When the party ended, we piled our presents in the car and Lindsay, Lauren, Leigh, Christina, Gracie, and I all went back to my house to spend the night. Lindsay and I opened our gifts, and we received all kinds of stuff. The presents were mostly money, which I enjoyed the most!

We were all just hanging out and listening to music in the basement when we decided we wanted to go rolling. My older brother, Bobby, came downstairs to wish me and Lindsay a happy birthday, and I thought the only way we could go was if he would take us, so I asked him. He said the only way he would take us would depend on if Katie, Lindsay’s, older sister, came with us because Katie and Bobby are the same age and good friends. So Bobby called Katie, and she said she would come along.

All of us girls jumped into Bobby’s car, and we went and picked up Katie. When we left, we had no idea who to roll, so we just drove around and tried to decide. We drove past bobby’s friend, Chris’s house, so we picked him up too to come along.

We drove into this random neighborhood to see if any houses looked good to roll, when we finally drove past this house that looked absolutely perfect, it had plenty of trees and a big porch also. We parked up the street and took the toilet paper and started rolling. We had just about 50 rolls. When the rolls disappeared high into the tree, we decided we wanted to do it more.

We talked about what we should do, and we concluded that in the middle of the night not many places would be open to purchase more toilet paper. Then we remembered Wal Mart is open 24 hours, so we went there. At Wal Mart we picked up about another 50 rolls.

When rolling the house the second time, Katie decided to stay in the car. All of a sudden we saw this flash go off on us. All of us sprinted to the backyard of the house. Bobby peaked out to the street to see if someone took a picture of us, but he didn’t see anyone, and he noticed he didn’t see Katie either. So Bobby called Katie and she said she saw us all running, so she decided to drive around just in case we were caught. Then bobby asked Katie if she knew what light flashed at us. She admitted it was her taking a picture. Bobby became so mad at her for scaring us like that.

So Katie came back and picked us up. We dropped Chris and Katie off and hurried back home. That was one of the best days of my life, and I wouldn’t change anything about it!

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