Walking and Talking Nightmare

December 12, 2007
By Christine Tall, New Port Richey, FL

“You know you should be a lot nicer to her. She’s only three.”

Ugh, I hate when my mom says that! Mekenzie may only be three but she is definitely one of the smartest three-year-olds I know. Yeah, she‘s adorable and I love her and everything, but sometimes she just has those moments where it‘s like, oh my God, I just want to rip my hair out!

Ha-ha! I can’t believe that today when she was in the bathroom she clogged the sink with wet paper towels and then tried to unclog it by using the plunger. The ladies at the daycare should really know by now to watch her when she’s in the bathroom. I hate when they let her get away with stuff. Especially when my mom and I were away for the weekend and she got into my room and scattered one-hundred tiny hair ties all over my floor and then her grandfather didn’t even bother to pick them up. Don’t you think my room is already chaotic enough without Mackenzie being in it? To let her scatter a hundred hair ties all over my floor is just insane.

Why do they even bother to try and discipline her? Obviously it isn’t working! She almost never listens. They tell her not to do something, and she’ll do it anyways. “Mekenzie Leigh you are to sit in that chair for five minutes and don’t move a muscle.” I only hear that about ten times a day. Listening to my mom scream at her when she does something she is not supposed to so, and the funny thing is when I ask her what she did she goes, “Oh well, I sat on Chase” or the usual one, “I got into the toothpaste so I could brush my teeth.” Or the time when she decided to take the White-out thinking it was paint and put it all over her grandfather’s computer chair, wallet, and the credit cards in the desk in his office.

Even though she can be bad, Mekenzie is extremely intelligent and caring when she wants to be or wants something. Just last week Mekenzie counted to ten in Spanish and then sang her ABC’s. How remarkable. “Go faster Papou , go faster!” is what she says every time she is on the boat with her grandfather. I love going to the beach with Mekenzie, I know she is a lot easier to take care of and watch while we are playing and splashing in the water.

Looking back, I see some things that I just laugh about now that weren’t quite so funny then. I remember at her second birthday the little girl she was playing with wouldn’t share with her, so Mekenzie smashed her head into a glass coffee table. My mom told me that just last week in day care Mekenzie bit a little boy and made another little boy’s mouth bleed because she didn’t want to share. Deep inside I know she really is a sweet little girl. I just love watching her with her little brother, Chase. I guess we could just chalk it up to childhood stages of the terrible 2’s that have just lasted into the 3’s.

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