In this World

December 9, 2007
By Natasha Lowery, Alameda, CA

One summer day, as I was biking in my neighborhood, I stopped at a shady spot by the bay. I walked down to the water and happened to spot a school of minnows. Their agile bodies made the sharpest of turns and their shiny scales gleamed in the sun. I soon found myself mesmerized by their presence. How could such a large group of fish stay organized and not in disarray? I stood in awe as the group wove in and out of rocks at top speed. It was at that moment that I felt it. I was overcome by a strong sense of loneliness and unimportance. Yet it was these minnows, so small and insignificant that had caught my eye. Not the size of that building or even the size of the universe! Maybe, had I caught the eye of a passing stranger? Maybe, even as insignificant as I really am I was at that same moment the center of someone else's attention.

In this world, beautiful things are taken for granted. A butterfly could pass right by you. Of course you'd be too busy checking your palm to care. However, there are some who simply notice everything. The sunlight hitting the windows, a small heart shaped leaf, or maybe the color of that mans' eyes. It is these tiny things that touch the heart of those who notice them. You realize that you too are being taken fro granted. So why not shout? Why not jump for joy? Why not stand out? Well..... because then you wouldn't be as special to someone when you caught their eye!

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