What? No School Trip?!

December 6, 2007
What happened to all the whirling talk about Chicago amongst the Class of 2009? Due to 58 people failing to bring in their checks, the junior class will not be going to the windy city after all. The date of the trip seemed to be a huge excuse for the lack of checks among the students. “We cannot change the date of the trip, therefore it will have to stay the same,” Treasurer Michael S. states. Most likely, a less expensive trip to Key West will be reinstated. The price of the trip raised many concerns about the validity of a three day trip to Chicago for almost $1000. Only time will tell as junior class sponsor Mr. Hutsko and the Student Council try to figure out a plan. Mr. Hutsko believes that a class trip is not necessary, yet it helps students interact with each other and get to know others among their class. “I think that these trips contribute to the knowledge and worldliness of an individual, which I think is important for all-around personal development,” he says.

School trips in general in the Upper School are known as being over-priced short trips. Although the trips are full from morning to the evening with activities, many complain that the trip is too short to be paying almost $1000. Some people believe the trips are too rushed and busy, therefore not giving the students much time to enjoy the place that is being visited. Others focus on the downside of class trips, yet they are a window to a bonding experience amongst individuals of the class. At school, students often interact with students from different grades, and are not even in contact with some of the members of their own class.
Class trips can not only change student-student relationships, they can change student-teacher relationships as well. “…it allows the students and teachers (chaperones) to interact in a non-academic setting and it can foster those relationships as well,” Mr. Hutsko states. The chaperones bond with the students in a different way than lecturing them during class. As students, we see that teachers are real people! The junior class council is debating if the students did not give in their checks because they do not want a class trip. “Most of us do want a trip. The prices and dates just are not in our favor,” junior Kelly B. states. While other students think differently, not wanting to spend a weekend with their teachers and other classmates. One thing is for sure, if there is to be a class trip, the Class of 2009 needs to figure it out soon!

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