A Painful Lesson

December 5, 2007
As humans we all go through some pretty painful things that usually in the end teach us something whether we expect it or not. We all have that lesson that is somehow more significant than the rest of them. For me it was falling for someone so to speak. Before it was just casual dating. Nothing outside the ordinary for high school kids. But then I met this one girl. We started dating but something was different. Anytime I was with I was felt happy. More than I had ever been before. I began to care about her. ALOT! I wanted to be with her 24/7 and eventually I told her how I felt. Boy what a dumbass idea. We broke up because it scared her. I understood why. She wasn’t ready for anything like that and now I realize I wasn’t either nor should I be until I’m older and have a more stable life. It still didn’t change the fact that I had completely opened myself up so trustingly just to get my heart ripped out stomped on then kicked around like a pop can. I’m smarter, wiser, and more cautious because of it though. I know better now. I cant say I still don’t miss her but at the same time seeing her is like looking at a place where you might have crashed on your bike and got a really bad scar from it. And every time you think about it the scar stings a little.

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