December 4, 2007
It would be during the summer. Lets say some time in June. Perhaps on top of the mountain of skree or maybe in the basin thats out in the middle of nowhere. Why? Because of where it is. So far away from everything, the air there is clean and its so quiet and peaceful except for the wind through the grass. You can see for miles if its all clear out. You can just look out and realize that your so small and insignificant compared to everything around you at that time. The huge mountains and vast valleys that consume your entire field of view. A small creek just a few feet from you flows down the basin, past a waterfall farther down the mountain to join a river. The buzz of the bugs that surround that either ignore you or feast on your flesh and are gone before you even know that they were there. You look below you and see a vast forest. All around you is untamed nature. No words are needed. They are unwanted disruptions of the scene. They ruin what the silence can bring. Here you can start again, rid of all your troubles and problems. Freed from any wrong doings. Born again with a new perspective on life. But only if you have the ability to conquer the unknown. To travel past the boulder fields, down slippery snow patches and navigate walls of rock that falls away under your footsteps. All of which lead to certain doom you should take a wrong turn. If you fall down the snow, you wont ever reach the top, the peace and tranquility that you can only feel there. Each person needs to find what they need for themselves because it is different from person to person. There is no easy button you can push, no elevator to the top of the mountain, no instant gratification. The journey should be done alone, or with one friend. One who knows what the journey means. One who will assist you but also knows the value of silence. Thats all you need. Well, that and a tent I guess. Those are always good.

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