My Special Place

December 4, 2007
By Allison Scofield, La Mesa, CA

The conductor’s hand rises, and then drops suddenly. The audience stares in complete silence. The first notes begin to play in unison. Each instrument then brakes off into different notes and chords. The level of sound increases as more people begin to play and the vibration of the sound creeps up to my chair. I am immersed in the harmonious agreement of the music. It is a feeling only one can experience if they are engaged in the moment, actively playing. This is my place where I feel that I have an opportunity, which I miss in my everyday life.

Once entranced by the music, my whole world disappears, the good, the bad, the everything. I am in a world where sound is the society and math is the government. I feel safe in this place of mine. I am able to express myself without being judged or questioned. Through the music I express my heart and soul to the world, which by otherwise would seem impossible.

With each note I play, the built up stress of the day is released. A sense of excitement and calmness pours over me like a waterfall. The notes I play are almost robotic and I hardly have to think about what is coming next because my fingers already know. I trust my fingers and my fellow band-mates. If I mess up I know that someone will help me get back on track. Each person guides another on the road of perfect unison, so trust is most important.

As the conductor’s hand slows down, I know that my world of peace is about to end and the rush of reality will hit me. The few minutes of playing in a band is my place of peace. In this place of peace I become a whole person, with only needing my flute, my heart and my soul. I experience the true me, and I wear my heart open for the world to see.

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