Distance Will Not Stop Us

December 4, 2007
By Macy Terrebonne, Destrehan, LA

In the course of a lifetime, countless people come and go. From when I was born until now, I have come in contact with more people than I could have ever imagined. Out of all the people I have met in life, there will always be some I will never forget. Good friends are hard to find, and he was one of those. No matter the circumstances, I will not let this friendship conclude itself.
When I was in third grade, my class was filled with unique people, none of whom I was particularly fond of. It was then that I met William , an annoying, arrogant, tall, blue-eyed, extremely intellectual boy. From then on, we were in the same class through sixth grade, when our teachers joked we would get married and one day have genius children. In middle school, William and I had gifted language arts and band together. After last year, we were closer than ever.
Frankly, William has been the one person, for the past seven years, who has always been there for me. When there was girl drama, William was there to tell me that I was more mature than them. Freshmen year, when I was having trouble with a boy, William had me convinced that he was a jerk and one day I would find someone better. If I got stressed out over school work, William would tell me not to worry because I would ace the class anyway. Always complementing me when I didn’t deserve it, he was the one person I knew I could always count on.

Following much contemplation, William decided he was going to attend a high school for high achievers. I knew I should have expected it, but for some reason, I was still really upset. While wanting to respect his decision to leave, I could not help but wonder who was going to call me for the homework assignments every night? Who was going to edit all my papers? Who was going to make sarcastic comments only I would understand? Who was going to be William? No one would be him because there is only one William in this world.

It definitely was not easy, watching my best friend leave to go meet new people in a foreign town, far away. I convinced myself it would be okay once school started. I would have too much homework and extracurricular activities to worry about missing William. I was basically right because I did not and will not let myself dwell over the fact that he is not at school everyday. On the other hand, I will always miss him when someone else has to edit my essays, when I do not understand who ruled Spain in social studies class, and when no one is around to tell me my ninety-two on that impossible test was more than high enough. We still call each other three to four times a week, and he comes home to Destrehan once or twice a month. With several hundred miles between us, William and I are still best friends.

In the past fifteen years, I have met more people than I can remember. In my mind, there are a few people who will always bring a smile to my face with just the sound of their name. William is one of those people. I might have to call his cell phone now instead of his house phone, but he still listens to all my problems. At the same time, I give him advice about his conflicts because we decided we’re not going to let living in different locations stop our friendship. Destrehan High School or Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts, William and I will be best friends forever.

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