The Everyday Battles

December 4, 2007
By Nick Favero, Littleton, CO

Everyday I say that I will make the most of it. That I will change the world, that I will help those who need help. The truth is everyday I do try to help. Not random acts of kindness but my own family. Everyday this last year has been one fight after another. People see me and know nothing of the fight that is going on inside my own house. They know nothing of the fight I put up everyday to try and protect those who need me most. I may be only 18 but there is no age limit on love and responsibility. Everyday I am a strong student, a good friend, and a crutch for my family. Most people just live everyday without a purpose or a sense of direction. And yet I am stuck everyday fighting one that I cannot possibly win. Is it fair that I must, no but thats what sets me apart from the others. The everyday battles.

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