A Relaxing Day at The Beach……Not

December 4, 2007
It was a humid August day in Jamesport, and the water was the warmest it had been all summer. The water was full of people of all ages. My cousin, friend and I were in the water, when the first victim got stung by a massive jelly fish. Since we didn’t want to get out of the water but were afraid we might get stung we took an air mattress out of my garage to use as a raft. There was a very strong current that day, so we wedged the air mattress between a small boat and a buoy so we wouldn’t drift away. We all relaxed with our eyes closed enjoying the warmth of the sun. Ten minutes later I heard screaming in the distance and looked up. Just then I realized that we had drifted and were now about 200 feet off shore. To make matters worse we were still drifting. We started screaming to my mom, and uncle to come rescue us, but they told us to get out and swim. We all jumped off the raft and started to kick when all of a sudden my cousin, friend and I all got stung at the same time, by the same jellyfish with extremely long tentacles. Screaming, we all tried to get back on the slippery air mattress, as quickly as possible. The air mattress didn’t have anything to grab, which made it really hard to get on. After what seemed like an hour we got on, and immediately looked at where we got stung. My leg, my friend’s stomach, and my cousin’s foot, were all puffy and red. The only thing we could think of to stop the stinging was to rub wet sand on it. I looked up to see how far we were off shore and figured we were easily 300 feet off shore. It was high tide, so it would be impossible for us to get sand to rub on our stings. We figured the next best thing to rubbing wet sand on it was to scratch it. We continued screaming to my mom and uncle who were on the beach anxiously watching us try to make our way to shore. Finally my uncle got into our motorboat to come get us. We continued to paddle with one of our hands, while the other one was scratching, so we wouldn’t drift any further away. When my uncle tried to start the motor, he realized it had run out of gas, so he had to paddle to come save us. It seemed like hours before he finally got to us. Without delay we climbed in to the boat. And the rest is history.

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