The girl.

December 3, 2007
I was walking up my street on my way to youth group. I thought it was going to be just another fun night at youth group. I honestly didn’t know that there was going to be a girl coming that hasn’t gone in a long time. I met this girl once at a soccer game with some of my friends from church, but I didn’t really ever talk to her. I got to youth group and it started out the way it usually always does. I say hey to my youth pastor Didi, then I go into the gym say hi to all my friends and I start juggling a soccer ball before we usually play dodge ball. I was juggling the ball and all the girls ran out the door. I thought to myself what’s going on? I put the ball down and ran out the door after them, come to find out it was that girl I had met at the soccer game over the summer, two summers ago. She just got a brand new ‘07 mustang so everyone was looking at it. I was impressed because that’s a car I have always wanted was a mustang. I checked out the car for a little bit then I went back inside with one of the leaders Tyler. He started talking about how nice the car was and how lucky the girl was to have that as her first car. I had my mind on something else, the girl, I couldn’t get her out of my head. She looked so beautiful standing their next to her car. I looked at Tyler and I was like I know the cars really cool but did you see that girl she is really hot. He laughed at me. I didn’t care. We got back into the gym and I started playing soccer again, all of a sudden there she was. Standing with my friends Morgan, Emily, Kaia, Chelsea, and Erin. I had to go over there. I jumped into there little gathering of people and was like hello ladies. Then I walked away because my friend Tony was calling me to come play basketball with him so I went to play basketball. That was probably the worst game of basketball I have ever played in my life. I couldn’t stop thinking her. It was like she was super glued into my mind. We got called into the café to start preaching about god and all that stuff we do in the café. The preaching was over and Morgan and I and a couple other soccer players go into the gym to play a game of butts up. I was standing on the wall and I here the girl say, “bye everybody. I have to go. Ill see you guys next week.” I was talking to myself in my head and I was saying I need to say something to her or get her number but I was to nervous and she left. I asked my friend Morgan if I could get the girls number. She gave it to me. I got home that night and I was debating if I should text her or not. I was laying there in my bed with a new text saying, “Hey! Its Josh from church.” I was so scared she would think I am some weirdo texting her. I sent the text. I wasn’t expecting to get a text back at all because it was 1030 on a school night. Come to my surprise I got one back. Saying, Oh hey! What’s up?” I was happy she didn’t think I am a weirdo. I stayed up all night texting this girl. The next day my phone vibrates, its her, she text me again, so I talked to her all day and night on Thursday and Friday. For some reason that weekend I didn’t text her at all, she didn’t text me either. I found out she had a boyfriend though so I was pretty bummed because after talking to her as much as I did I started liking her a lot. It was now Monday and I was sitting in ACE and I get a text come to my surprise it’s the girl again. Her text said, “guess what? I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.” I had the biggest smile on my face ever. I ended up texting her the rest of that day. Now she’s my girlfriend and we have been together about 2 and a half months. If I never would of gotten the courage to get over that wall of nervousness to text her, I don’t think we would be together today. She is more than just a girlfriend to me, she is like my best friend. To me that wall was a huge accomplishment.

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