December 2, 2007
By Rachel Fair, Bevier, MO

I can remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday. How it began, that I don't think I can identify, but sometimes the beginning isn't all that important. It just happened, me and you.
But I can remember those nights after work... I remember them so well, it almost hurts. Whoever got off first would go start their vehicle and then just sit there, "letting it warm up," until the other came outside to head off for the night. Of course, neither of us ended up leaving just then. No, we would saunter over to each other, equal distance inbetween my truck and your car, and just dance around our feelings for each other, though personally I'm surprised you couldn't see the truth gleam in my eyes when they would meet.
We would stand there, hugging each other, tightly wrapped in one another, and laugh and twirl... that was the lightest I had felt in so long.

I remember getting frustrated with us, and screaming out loud when I thought your were out of earshot. I was so wrong... you called minutes later, and the laughter in your voice was almost insufferable when you said, "Did you just...scream?"
"Maybe..." I replied sheepishly, mentally cursing myself for being so stupid. I should have screamed after I had hit the highway.
"What for?" Ah, your voice could do wonders to me.
My voice began to crack, and my anger began to fuel itself with embarassment, as I mutter something completely incompetent. You laughed, hearing every word I said even though I was trying my hardest to make sure you wouldn't.
"Well, I'll have you know that I've been screaming in my car after you pull away, every night, for the past 2 weeks, missy, and I plan on kissing you sometime very, very soon."
Exactly one week later, we kissed, at 6:45 in the morning...and nothing has ever been so perfect before in my life.

It's funny that that conversation happened almost exactly one year ago...give or take a few days... and I can still remember every bit of it. Your scent, what you were wearing, the gleam in your eye... that was the boy I fell in love with...that was the boy that I am still in love with.
That was the boy who left me...who erased me...who will probably never remember those moments as clearly as I do.

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