This Is Who I Am

December 10, 2007
By Beatrice Irina Regner, Glendale, CA

What defines us as individuals? What makes us different from one another? Everyone is unique in their own little ways. I think what makes me stand out from the rest of the crowd has a lot to do with my family traditions, my experiences and interests, and the things I do with the friends I love. I consider myself different from any other teenager in my generation. I have my own special ways and traits and these define who I am.

I come from a Filipino family that has special traditions. We are a big family and like to do things and celebrate holidays together in our own little ways. My favorite is how we spend Christmas. Every year we go to church at twelve midnight on December twenty-fifth. After the mass is done, all our relatives: My uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins, meet at our grandparents’ house. There, we eat, talk, laugh, enjoy, have fun and of course open presents. It’s one of the best days and what makes it even better is the thought of being with family and that I am not alone. I love spending it with the people I love.

Another thing that makes me different is what I do for fun. My life revolves around music and art. I have talents that others may have, but what makes me stand out from the rest is my deep love and passion for what I do. I have the determination to excel but at the same time, I have fun doing it. I have always been musically-inclined ever since I could remember. I would sing with my sisters and cousins in front of the whole family during parties and gatherings. Back in my old school in the Philippines, I was asked to audition for the school choir and made it in. When I was eleven years old, I learned how to play the guitar with the help of my father. I also really love art. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been interested in drawing. Sometimes I would draw sketches during my spare time. I would like to have a job that would either involve music or arts one day.

You cannot imagine the things I do with my dear best friends. I always have the most fun when I’m with them. To be honest with you, we are probably the craziest girls in school. We are not the typical female teenagers who hang around by the mall and spend most of the time talking about boys, clothes, and the way we look. We are adventurous and I think one of the few girls who know how to skateboard. That is what we consider fun.

We only live through our childhood and teenage years once. Right now I am fifteen, in my early teens, and I want to savor every moment of it. I do not really care what people think about me. I do not “go with the flow” because I stand up for what I believe in. I am my own person and that makes me a unique individual. How about you, what makes you different?

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This article has 2 comments.

benyong said...
on Aug. 9 2008 at 5:12 am
As a person coming from the same country you came from, 'I'm so proud of you.'

helen r. said...
on Aug. 7 2008 at 7:09 am
good work bea!


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