A Bat

December 11, 2007
By Tyler Davis, Tucson, AZ

Albert was a 15-year-old kid that loved to play baseball. In fact for his 15th
Birthday he got the newest loiseville slugger bat. He loved that bat, and he took it
everywhere. The bat was made of red wood, which made it very heavy. But because it
was it was so heavy, it was also very solid, and hit solidly every time. What Albert did
not know is that this bat; his favorite bat would lead to his gruesome death.

Albert would some times walk home from school carrying his, sometimes
thinking that his bat was his only true friend, and his true family. The thought of this
would make Albert cry, not even thinking about the fact that the bat was an inanimate
object. He would think this way because ever since he could remember, everyone would
pick on him. His parents would put him on diets, his grandparents would say that he was
obese and needed to loose weight. Classmates would call him names and always pick on
him. Even teachers would pick on him and judge him, his field studies teacher would tell
him to stay behind on field trips because the teacher thought that the hikes were too hard.

One day when he was at practice with his team mates. He was throwing the ball
around and just having fun for once. He didn’t get to that much. It was a beautiful day,
and the coach had not shown up yet. So the team decided to play a quick game. They
picked teams and of course as usual Albert was picked last. It wasn’t that Albert was bad,
in fact he was quit good. It was that he was over weight.

It was Albert’s team up to bat first, and Albert was the first in the batting order. He was pumped because the day had just felt like it was going so good. The pitcher pitched the ball, the ball was coming towards Albert, it was the perfect strike. This is what Albert had been waiting for. He swung and cracked the ball. The went floating through the air, And went over the fence. It was the perfect home run. He couldn’t have hit it any better. Everyone was amazed, but Albert felt weird because he felt like he actually herd a cracking noise, but he ignored with the overwhelming of the home run.

He got into the dug out and everyone congratulated him. He took in the moment,
that’s when he realized that it was the greatest day of his life. That is Craige came up to
him and said, “ hey good hit Albert, hey can I use your bat because I left mine at home.”
Without even thinking about the consequences Albert said yes.

Craige got up to bat. The pitcher pitched a ball, yet craige still swung and hit a
foul ball hard. Which caused alberts beautiful bat to shatter into pieces. Albert ran out got
on his hands and knees yelling, and screaming. He started tearing up for the loss of what
he felt was his only friend. That is when Craige and his other teammates said, “ what are
you going to do cry about it fat ass.”

That was the last straw, Albert couldn’t hold himself back he started crying. He
just lost it. He couldn’t take anymore of this physical and mental abuse. So he got up and
ran home. Well tried to run home, running didn’t quit work with Albert. Albert got home
and ran into the bathroom. Albert broke a razor and took the blades out, and did what he
felt right.

( Albert was found by his mom, when she came home drunk the next morning.
His body was disfigured and he was lying in a tub full of blood. He had finally achieved
the stereotype of being skinny. That everybody had made fun of him for, his whole life.
And in the process had taken his own life.)

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