Is our Generation putting themselves at risk for brain tumors and cancer?

March 9, 2011
By taters95 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
taters95 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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“Cancer is perceived as a kind of unlucky draw in the grand genetic lottery, an illness that does not respond well to most treatments and for which all hopes are pinned on the advent of the a miraculous new cure- one that only the largest research labs could possibly develop.” This statement was made by David Servan-Schreiber a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University Of Pittsburg School Of Medicine. His statement is correct and the truth is cancer and brain cancer especially is and can be one hundred percent preventable. All we would need to do is make some simple lifestyle changes to the bad habits we have accumulated over the years. Some may disagree with this argument but there are many facts and pieces of evidence about this truth. Brain cancer and other types of cancers can be prevented and I have to raise the question and ask Is our Generation putting themselves at risk for brain tumors and cancer?
Tumors are formed by defective cells, which are bodies have all the time; but our bodies also have natural defense mechanisms that detect these defective cells and keep them in check. We need to help these defense mechanisms our bodies have to prevent tumors which are the cause of cancer. In the twentieth century today research shows that we are not only weakening these defense mechanisms but destroying them completely.

In November of 2010 my dad was having problems hearing in his right ear. MRI results came in with some devastating and fearful news. There was a brain tumor behind his ear. The tumor was killing all the nervous in his ear as well as was growing causing him to have lost his hearing completely and making him completely deaf in the right ear. There was more news; doctors also believed that this tumor had probably developing for the past ten years. My dad Mark Brown is a father of four, a husband of fourteen years. He is a project super attendant for Sundt construction, and a youth pastor. He is really no different from any other man. So what caused him to develop a brain tumor? More importantly did he cause his tumor growth or was it just “luck of the draw?”

It is said that one in four people will die from cancer in the West alone. This is a fear for most people and that is understandable. The number of deaths caused by cancer has risen exceptionally over the years. And this raises the question why? Let us think way back to when our ancestors made their away across the Atlantic ocean to America. Their diets consisted of all natural foods no fast food, or preservatives. There was no electricity, and no wi fi connections. Cancer was an unheard of epidemic back then. But, then everything took, what seemed to be a good change. We gained technology and began to do things in a more fast and efficient way. I mean why spend hours slaving over a turkey when you can pop a turkey dinner in the microwave. Or why send a letter that would a week to get to your cousin in Indiana when you can call them up on a cell phone in less than five seconds. All this new technology was a fast and “more efficient” way. They were new ways that seemed harmless, but the truth is they are the source of brain tumors, the source of death causing cancer.

Cell phones have come part of a young adult’s everyday life, some even see at as a necessity. Four out of five teens have a cell phone. The average teenager spends up to 30 hours a week talking on their cell phones. Cell phones are a microwave transmitter; these microwave transmitters promote rapid cell aging. Rapid cell aging develops tumors which are cancer. Italian scientists have recently demonstrated that cell phone radiation makes cancerous cells grow aggressively. When you pick up your cell phone to make a phone call you are putting your brain cells in tremendous stress, and causing great damage to your brain cells. With a generation that lives and thrives off the technology that a cell phone provides, I must as are putting ourselves at risk to brain cancer?

When my parents got married about 14 years ago my dad's diet changed. Between kids and a wife who loved to bake and make homemade Mexican food, he gained more and more weight. He ate out more, and microwaved more foods. Not only did that change but cell phones also became a necessity, and my dad’s job required a cell phone. He would answer anywhere between 15-40 phone calls a day on his right ear. Doctors said that his tumor in his right ear could have been there for probably the past ten years. Ten years ago was when my dad was making some serious lifestyle changes which at the time seemed harmless but ten years later he finds that he has no hearing in his right ear and a developing tumor- are these connections?

Much research has been done between the link in brain tumors and cell phone use. In 1993 the telephone industry spent 25 million dollars to prove that cell devices were safe but they proved the exact opposite. More studies have shown that children are even more at risk with their developing bodies. It has also been shown that if a person uses their cell phone while they have a brain tumor, their tumor can grow from the size of a grape to the size of a tennis ball in just 4 months. Some phone companies argue that it is not just cell phones that cause the damage and all though this may be true, they are still a contributing factor. Some even say that this is a myth, but facts and experiments prove it is true! The experiment Dr. Siegal Sadetzki performed with her colleagues back in 2008 shows a direct link to cell phones and cancer where she found that 50% of cell phone use had an increase rate of developing a tumor. When you pick up that phone and hold it to your ear, you are putting yourself in the statistic by the wave-guide source that states, one and every third cell phone user will die from a brain tumor. With a generation that uses cell phones daily in every way possible I have to ask are we putting ourselves at risk for a brain tumor or death causing cancer?

When you develop a brain tumor you have three options, one have surgery to remove it, two go through radiation and chemo to get rid of it, or wait and pray that God will give you a miracle. My dad decided to wait; he would not only pray but he was going to change his lifestyle and go back to how things use to be or at least try his best to. In January my family changed their whole diets no more white sugar, microwaved or fast food, no preservatives, all natural and organic. My dad also purchased a Bluetooth; which is said to better for you, because it has no direct microwave transmitters. In has been almost four months since my dad’s changes and not only has his hearing been coming back but he has been feeling healthier than ever before. Going against all the odds his tumor has not grown at all since he was diagnosed.

We don’t have to be part of the static, our generation is the most technology advanced the world has ever seen but we need to know the facts, and take care of ourselves. Cell phones have almost become completely hand free; if you keep it away from your body you are less likely to get those waves. And home phones still exist; land lines have no microwave transmitters! We can always change our eating habits to be healthier and increase our chances to prevent tumors. We need to help our bodies the gift that God has given us not destroy them. Let us remember that cell phone companies are out to make money, they don’t care if their customers die while using their product they still get their money in the end. We don’t have to give up our technology, let us face it we wouldn’t know how to function without it but we can prevent ourselves from being harmed by it. So, I will ask you one last time is our generation putting themselves at risk to brain cancer, more importantly are you putting yourself at risk?

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The author's comments:
I think it speaks for itself really, I love everyday I have with my dad, and I dont think a tumor will take him away. I dont think a tumor needs to take anyones life.

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