Gained Hope

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Haley walked into the gloomy school. Long Sleeves hid her bruised arms, pants covering the multiple burn marks. A smile was forced upon her face, hiding the truth. Walking through the halls she wondered what was in store for her when she returned home that afternoon. Visions of the previous night replayed in her head, she winced as she recalled the unbearable pain.

The bell rang as she walked into her classroom. She sat in her seat and got her books out of her desk. "Open your journals and tell me what you did over the weekend," her seventh grade teacher instructed. Not wanting to remember, Haley closed her journal and began to sketch on it's front cover. She Daydreamed until it was time for lunch. When the bell rang she was the first one out of the classroom, this made the teacher wonder if there was something wrong with her.

After school Haley rushed home, petrified of the mood her mother may be in. When she walked in to door, she made her way to the basement without making a sound. Laying on her bed she only hoped that her mother would not come down. With the din light shining through the window she imagined herself on a beach. "How nice it'd be to be somewhere, anywhere, but this dreadful basement." she mumbled to herself.

Soon after that someone started up the stairs. The foot steps were faint at first, but gradually got louder. Sweat began to form on her forehead, her heart pounded in her chest. Her mother kicked the door open, "You're worthless! Why didn't you tell me you were home?"

I'm sorry," the words stuck in her throat.

You are a poor excuse for a daughter," yelled her mother. The alcohol on her breath lingered through the room. With one swift movement Haley took a blow to the face so violent it knocked her to the ground. Tears filled her eyes and started streaming down her face. "Why are you always crying? You are such a cry baby," she beamed as she pulled her off the ground by her hair. "Come with me," she said firmly as she griped her daughter's wrist.

Reluctantly Haley followed her mother, knowing what to expect she tried to break free of her mothers grip, but failed miserably. This made her heart sink. What did I do to deserve everything that happens to me, she thought to herself. Haley stood up and walked over to the woman she was forced to call mom. A mom is suppose to be someone the loves you, and that you can look up to, someone you can go to for help. That thought filtered through her brain several times a day.

Haley knew why her dad had left when she was only in the womb, if she had the choice she would too. If she had the choice, she would have left a long time ago. She felt like she was trapped in a living hell. She had nobody to love her, nobody to help her escape. Feeling pure hatred for her mother she looked at her and said, "I hate you."

Her mother snapped her head in her direction, "What did you say?" It was obvious that her mother was enraged.

"I said I hate you. I hate you!"

With that her mother swung her fist towards her, striking her in the jaw. Blood filled Haley's mouth. Spitting blood out onto the floor, revealed that the strike knocked two teeth loose. Haley started to stand up but was kicked in the knees, falling to the ground she was then drug back to the stair well and shoved down them.

That night Haley sat on her bed sobbing into the thin, holey blanket that was provided. "This isn't a home, this is a prison. I'm not loved, I never was. Why couldn't my father have taken me with him? Anything would be better than being here with this demon that calls me her daughter." Afraid of falling asleep Haley did not lay down. The light from the moon and stars leaked into the abdominal room. As she fell asleep she began to envision the agony that her mother causes her, the dream made her realize that she had to escape he torture she was being put through. She couldn't keep living this way.

Her mother was still fast asleep when she woke up for school the next morning. Empty bottles of alcohol laid around the bed she laid in. She walked to school very cautiously. She walked into the commons, silently, as always. A few moments after she arrived at the school she was called down to the office. She made her way to the oak door that led to the Principal's office. Shaking as she twisted the door knob she opened the door and sat in a chair against the wall.

The guidance counselor opened his door and called Haley in.

"Have a seat, make yourself comfortable," he declared cheerfully as she obeyed. "Is everything alright with you? I talked to your teacher and she said you have been acting strange."

"She may be misconstrued, I've never been better," she gulped knowing it was a lie.

"You can talk to me about anything, you know that right?"

"Yes," Haley whispered.

"Can I ask you something?" he questioned. Haley shook her head giving him permission to proceed.

"What are all those bruises from?" He gestured to the bruises peeking out her sleeves. With that one simple question Haley told Mr. Smith everything.

Police officers made there way into the school to talk to Haley. They observed the bruises on her arms and legs as they listened to what she had to say. Writing down each word that came out of her mouth. She stuttered, afraid that her mother would still be able to hurt her. The officers assured her that her mother would never be able to hurt her again and that they would find her a place to go where she would be loved. She watched as three officers got into their cars to go to her house and arrest her mother. Haley cried, not because she was upset, but because she was getting away from the monster that has beaten her for the past thirteen years. The monster that was her mother.

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