Prisons in america

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

In Americas prisons contains over 2million inmates .Its the first time in history that any jails have reached that capacity .the district of Colombia and the federal government held 1,355,148.In every 142 states U.S residents were incarcerated at the rate of 1,309 inmates per 100,000 U.S men. Out of the of 1,200,203 state prisoners.3,055 were younger than 18 years old. The local jail population increased by 34,235 inmates recorded last June 30.As of last June 30 the state and federal correctional authorities held 88,776 non citizens a 1 percent increase from the 87,917 held a year earlier. Sixty two percent were held in the state prisons and 38 percent in federal institutions. In some prisons you get a chance to earn send your children money . Not all inmates apply for jobs .Prison labor even beat out the competition in Mexico. In search of lower wages ,San Francisco based based on data processing accounting services moved U.S assembly jobs to a maquiladora in Tecate Mexico

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