Illegal Immigration

March 6, 2011
By Anonymous

The US population has grown into a diversity of people and culture who have viewed the US as a land of opportunity. People have arrived here by way of legal or illegal means. There is a growing percentage of illegal immigrants estimating 12 to 20 million population out of 300 million. The presence of illegal immigrants is always an issue in our politics. For example, illegal immigrants have crossed through our borders; either from the north or south walking by foot or driving by car. They will succeed on crossing the border until they are caught. I believe that illegal immigration is a violation of the law and these illegal immigrants must find a solution to change their status in the country; and the government must take responsibility in stopping illegal immigration.

A reason why illegal immigrants come to the US is to seek jobs for higher wages because the amount of our currency (the dollar) is higher. A second reason is most immigrants want to learn how to speak English and by trying to finish a degree of their choice. Lastly, the citizenship birthright allows the child of illegal parents born in the United States to become a US citizen. Therefore at a majority age, they can petition their family to live legally in the US. I think there are many arguments that are conflicting between the US and other countries around the world allowing illegal immigrants to become legal citizens. For instance, one argument of allowing immigrants to become legalized citizens creates disadvantages, like sudden increases in population; also causing the burden to the government budgets of the states.

Another argument is that some employers have hired illegal immigrants who accept lower wages and be available for blue collared jobs; such as a janitor at a school or even at a factory. Otherwise, when these immigrants continue to work without any legal documents, many of them will risk deportation. Legalizing immigrants would not prevent the migration problem. I believe that the reason why many immigrants continue to migrate to the US is that they want to find a new home, but these immigrants are unable to live in the US unless they have a form of documentation.

In conclusion, illegal immigration is a violation of the law; these immigrants must find solutions to change their status in the country, which the government must take responsibility in stopping illegal immigration. For example, one of the solutions is once these immigrants have earned a higher education, they can apply for a permit to be able to work in this country. Another solution is for immigrants to stop using government funds for their own welfare. Lastly, immigrants are issued a fine for criminal purposes and are immediately deported. Illegal immigration has been one of the many causes of the economic problems in the country. When government officials fail to act promptly to secure the borders of our country, the lives of the citizens are in danger.

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