A Social Life on Facebook

March 8, 2011
By Shpun BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
Shpun BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
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The 21st century is a very innovative time. As the human race grows older, they seek more and better. Humans also grow more creative, in search of becoming the architect of a new technology. We now live in luxury with all kinds of gadgets, yet we still seek better. That brings the opportunity for success, but with it comes failures to. There was a big ideological advance. No, it wasn’t Bill Gates with the PC and it was not Steve Jobs with the IPhone, IPad, or IPod, it wasMark Zuckerburg’s Facebook.

Facebook is the headquarters of socializing and doing business. It is a well of social power. Facebook has over 500 million active users worldwide, and 70% of which are not in the United States . A profile displays a lot of information: your profile picture, friends, everything you post, personal information you wish to share, etc. There is also a bunch of things to do: post on other people’s pages (walls), play games, poke people to get their attention, comment, liking things, looking at or making advertisements, and much more. The genius behind it is a guy with a unique mind is Mark Zuckerburg.

Creating Facebook was not easy. Zuckerburg had many challenges along the way. While in Harvard, Zuckerburg decided to make a website called facematch.com. At this site there would be two pictures of girls and people would vote on which one looked better and then there would be a new pair of girls to vote on. After coding such a website, Zuckerburg took down the Harvard server because of so much traffic. Deciding that Zuckerburg was the guy to make their website, two entrepreneurs came to him with the idea of Facebook. Zuckerburg eventually “stole” the idea, and did it himself. After going through many lawsuits, including one from his friend, Zuckerburg lost many things, including his only real friend. Nevertheless, Facebook became a big success.

Being the source of social power, Facebook became an attraction to young adults and kids. The reason Facebook is a magnet for young adults is because it empowers their social life and gives a confidence boost. It gives the mind a break from the hardworking world and lets you hang out with friends and play games. It is also a great way to promote your personality so that others know you better. Faceboook gives outlines for the people in society to color it and display their work.

Although Facebook is known as a great social tool and is used only to promote one’s social status, it has disadvantages that affect young adults negatively. Facebook is a very addicting site and sometimes people take it too far. Young adults start to use it as a weapon to put others down and use it way too much. 50% of active users are on Facebook daily. This shows the power of Facebook and what it can do. It is a fire, and people play with it a little to rough.

As you can see, Facebook is a great tool for the social life. However, it has its positive and negative affects on people. It is not to be toyed with too much because it is addictive and powerful. There is a correct way to use it,so don't color outside the lines.

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I wrote this for the school paper.

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