March 11, 2011
By AimForTheStars BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
AimForTheStars BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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"I intend to live forever. So far, so good." -Steven Wright

Creativity is a necessary trait for the human race. We need it to survive as much as we need oxygen. If we didn’t have creativity, we wouldn’t have many of the things we have today. If we hadn’t had creativity say, some hundred years ago, we may not have found electricity. Benjamin Franklin, had he not been creative, more than likely would not have though to put a key on a kite to discover how electricity worked. Thus, we would not have many of the things that spurred from this knowledge.

People work out their feelings in ways that not everyone can always understand. Being creative is one of these ways. Some people just put away their feelings and toss them out, almost like writing a message in a bottle and letting the tide carry it out to sea. They let them go with a simple goodbye. If you let your creativity flow, maybe you can deal with feelings in a way that helps someone else, in order to help yourself.

One of the skills you need to possess to live in the world today is being able to adapt. Being able to adapt to a new environment, such as having to move if someone in your family gets a new job, or adapting to a new way of thinking, for example, showing other people that you respect their beliefs; may help you in the future. If you grow up without a supportive adult in your life, one who encourages you to be creative, you might think that you’ll never find creative outlets in your life. This, however, isn’t necessarily true. If you believe in yourself and in the idea that you have the power to change yourself, you will be able to.

All you need is to believe in yourself. Because, with those outlets, you just may find that you’ll have an easier path in life, finding or getting the things that you want most.

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