Harry S. Truman

March 10, 2011
By Jmccloskey BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
Jmccloskey BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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Harry S. Truman was a great president who had very aggressive foreign affairs. One was preventing the spread of the soviets communism throughout the world. Another was the building of Panama to build a connecting path from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The last one is building the Truman doctrine to help Greece and Turkey.

Protecting the world from communism is America’s job. So it is fitting that one of his policies was to protect the nations of the world from soviet communism. We did just that in many nations such as Korea and the Philippians. We also tried to do that in Vietnam. That is one of Truman’s aggressive polices.

Truman wanted to link the Atlantic and the Pacific. Every one had dreamed of making it in Central America. So Harry deicide to get land from Colombia and establish a nation there. In return they would let us build a canal linking the to oceans. The nation is now called Panama. And the canal is called the Panama Canal. That is another one of his polices.

The last of his polices is the Truman doctrine. This doctrine provided financial assistance to a weak and battered Turkey and Greece. It gave them 400 million dollars which jump started the economy and helped them defend themselves against the soviets. This doctrine and foreign policy probably saved Greece and Turkey. That is the last foreign policy.

Those are, to me his most important polices. The building of the Panama Canal. The protecting against soviet communism, and the Truman doctrines. These are the three important policies I am talking about.

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