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March 10, 2011
By , Northbrook, IL
January is like the Monday of all months, it's cold and no one really wants to do anything.

It's harder to get out of bed in the morning and you become tired all the time. School work is so much harder for everyone too. You don't want to do it, it just doesn't feel worth it.

No one wants to do anything, but luckily it is right after the holidays and everyone has there brand new fancy presents. This year E-Readers have been a big hit.

Lots of people like them. But not all of them.

Some people don’t like E-Readers, they like a old fashion hard or softcover book.

For me, I wouldn’t get rid of my Kindle for the world, but I am definitely not one of those psychotic people who won’t read anything but an E-Reader saying “keep those ‘plain’ books away from me”

I am not like them. At all.

I, as an avid reader still love to pick up a book from the library and smell the pages of an old worn out book that’s been read and loved by many people.

But there are many people out in this world of ours that don't agree with me. They have their own opinion which to them is the only answer. (Some of which don't even like to read at all... YIKES!)

And they don’t like E-Readers.

I know some people who wouldn’t go within a mile radius of one.

I was one of those people before I got my Kindle.

I had been totally against E-Readers, always saying that I prefer a “real” book. But then when I opened up my Kindle on my birthday, I immediately loved it.

I still love its sleek feel, and how light it is, almost like lifting a piece of paper, the white glow of it, like on a snowy morning after an all night blizzard, and its smooth click as I turn the page.

I think that people like what they like but some people aren’t open to options even.

If you ever get the chance pick up an E-Reader and see what you think. It might just change your thoughts.

Some people need to get out of bed and take on the new things that might change their lives.

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