A Night to Remember

March 10, 2011
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All my life I have loved the game of basketball. Since I was small I loved watching the games on T.V. Other sports didn’t interest me the way basketball did. I like to believe my life was, in a way, committed to basketball. Growing up I heard many stories of how good my father was, and how he could have been playing ball if he didn’t have my older sister. Basketball was in my blood. I remember the first time I experienced a professional basketball game in person. I didn’t know how much I loved the game of basketball and had a passion for it until that one night. That night opened my eyes to how much basketball meant to me. That night I realized what my dream was, to become a professional basketball player.
On the way to the game my body was ready to explode with excitement. While my father was driving, I was sitting right next to him anxiously waiting to arrive at the Hornets game. This was not just any Hornets game; the Lakers were the visiting team. The Lakers have been my favorite team from day one. I was born a Laker; purple and yellow runs through my veins. Growing up, my dream was to be a basketball player. This was going to be my first professional basketball game, and I can say it was the best. The entire ride to New Orleans, all I thought about was watching Kobe Bryant play. Kobe has always been my favorite player, and he still is to this day. As soon as we parked the car, I jumped out ready to enter the arena. I was just a young kid eager to have fun. Being impatient I rushed my dad to hurry up. That night everything seemed to amaze me, from when we left the car and back to the car.
The arena was full of many people and fans. Just about everyone at that game had on a jersey. Without even asking my father, he bought me a Kobe Bryant jersey. Instantly I put it on and we made our way to our seats. Before we could get to out seats I spotted Kobe and was stopped in my tracks. Watching him warm up was an honor. For that very second I experienced something I cant explain. Snapping back into reality I continued to follow my dad to our seats. Once we were seated I continued to watch Kobe and the others warm up. I had to convince myself that this was real and not a dream. When the starters were being introduced, the crowd went crazy especially for Kobe even thought it wasn’t his home crowd. Throughout the whole game I was fully focused the whole time. The game is faster than it seems on television. It’s played at a faster pace, like they slow it down for T.V. It’s more intense and interesting in person. One of my eyes was glued on Kobe the whole time, even when he was on the bench, while the other eye was on everyone else. Surrounded by fans who all loved basketball just like I did was amazing. It was the type of environment I dreamed of being in. I took a look around and just noticed all the Laker and Hornet fans.
All of a sudden it was halftime. The first half happened so fast, and too fast. At halftime it was practically over; my Lakers were killing the Hornets. Kobe was the leading scorer putting on a show like always and I was enjoying every single moment of it. I didn’t want it to stop, not even for a second. . I was interested in catching the Honey Bees though, something every young boy would love to see. At halftime my father and I walked around a bit trying to decide what to eat. It was so packed and crowded that movement was restricted. We were able somehow to get some chicken tenders with fries and catch some of the halftime show. By the time we finished eating, it was time for the second half to begin.
The second half started off pretty slow, just like the game did, but it didn’t matter to me. I was just happy to be apart of it all. The Lakers jumped right back on the Hornets and continued from where they left off before halftime. I felt ashamed for all the Hornet fans, but was happy to see my Lakers on top. Throughout the second half the Lakers kept running the score up. It was embarrassing to say the score, but when Kobe was subbed in the fourth quarter he received a standing ovation from all the laker fans, and I was the main one. He played an outstanding game and led the Lakers to victory. Even though it was a blowout, my dad and I stayed until it was over. I had no intentions of leaving, but I had to. On the way out it wasn’t so packed because people had left early. I wanted to meet Kobe, nut that wasn’t possible.

That game was what I considered entertainment at it’s best. I had enjoyed myself to the fullest. It was a great experience that I would never forget. Once we got in the vehicle, my father asked, ”How was it?” I just looked at him and gave a huge smile and thanked him for the opportunity. Now it was time to take that ride home. The whole ride home, my thoughts surrounded basketball and life. I asked myself what did I want in life? That’s when it hit me! My dream was to grow up and play professional basketball. I wanted it so bad at the time and was determined to reach that goal. I looked up to my dad and Kobe as role models; I wanted to be just like them in a way, but better. I realized basketball was not just a game to me anymore. Basketball became my life. That night I convinced myself I would do anything to become a basketball player.

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Mar. 15, 2011 at 9:36 am
this piece was good and easy to understand
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