The Heart’s Truths

December 11, 2007
By Megan Barrios, Des Allemands, LA

Someone once said, “We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” Heart beating fast, the woman in the man’s arms, her pleading, “I love you don’t ever leave,” is the image our mind pictures when we hear the word love. Love is actually, by dictionary definition, a profound feeling, tender affection and/or an intense attraction. I believe love to be when two people would do anything for the other, when a person has the ability to make another feel terrible pain and heartache, and when two souls can connect.

Most Mothers would do anything for their children, whom they love. I have always dreamed of going to an Ivy League college, which is very expensive, and although I may not get a scholarship, my mother says I can choose any college I want and we will find a way to make it work. Because of our deep, impenetrable love, she knows how much I desire to go to one of the best colleges and will do anything for me to go. She loves me so much, and I her, that she doesn’t question me or give me a hard time about the money, she simply vows to try and give me the best. All mothers and fathers, even if they are incapable of showing it, love their children and want the best for them.
When two people are together, like a plant in the sunlight, their love grows, but if you take the sun away, it wilts. Ben and I came to know each other at a summer camp in Mississippi. We had one week together where we fell in love, and when I came back to Louisiana I felt as if someone had ripped my heart out. It is a great feeling to be with someone, laughing and talking as if time is unlimited, and to be taken away from that causes grief for the one left behind, the feelings shared, and the heart that no longer is whole. Without each other, the love between two people cannot survive, and losing that love causes terrible pain.
Although love can be communicated through words, true love is when you say nothing at all. As Ben held my gaze under the oak trees, arms wrapped around me and mine around him, I knew exactly how he felt, without saying one word. Relationships are fun, love can be fun sometimes, but it can be had with anyone; It is a special thing, however, to share a connection with another, and to have intimate moments that no one else can understand. A connection such as this is not necessarily through touch but through a person’s eyes, it is as if they are peering into the soul of another. The way we act, and the things we say definitely have an affect on our relationships, but it is in those quiet moments when we speak loudest.
Looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their soul, and longing to be able to give them whatever they need to be happy, can be defined as love. It is impossible to see a person completely until you look into them and connect. Until then, it is a life lived without love.

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