Star Struck

December 11, 2007
"Year 3000", "SOS", and "Hold On" became their hit songs. They ended up on the cover of every teen magazine on stands.

I have liked the Jonas Brothers for a while now and have wanted to meet them, so when I found out their concert was in Columbia, I knew I had to go.

As soon as the tickets went on sale, I made my brother buy me them. I ended up with third row seats directly in the middle. I couldn't wait to go! I would just have to wait two more months till the actual concert.

About a week before the concert, my friend Shea called me. "The Jonas Brothers are coming to B93.7 for a meet and greet!" she screamed into the phone. At first I didn't believe her, but sure enough I turned on my radio and heard the commercial. I couldn't believe it! B93.7 was giving away tickets to meet them, and I needed to win, I just had to.

After days of trying to win, I ended up with no meet and greet passes, but that wouldn't stop me from trying to meet them.

The day before the Jonas Brother's meet and greet, I went over to Shea's house. We decided we would go to the B93.7 studios early so we could beg for passes. We also bought a pumpkin and filled it with Red Bull and candy to give it to the Jonas Brothers as a gift.

The next morning we w3oke and drove to the studios at 4:30 am. We waited until Tom from the Hawk and Tom Show arrived. We asked him if we could have passes to meet them, and he told us that we shouldn't get our hopes up, but we could stick around and wait if we wanted to. Of course we decided to wait. Around 7:00 am we went to wait outside in the freezing cold.

A 7:45 am a car pulled up with tinted windows, so I couldn't see inside. I reached into my purse and grabbed my glasses to put them on. Sure enough I saw an outline of Nick Jonas' curly hair. I started jumping up and down screaming, "I love the Jonas Brothers!” They just stared at me. Then Nick waved to me and Joe Jonas rolled down his window and waved. Their car pulled into the back entrance so we followed it. They stepped out of the car and I screamed, "I love you Nick!” Nick looked at me and waved. They finally went into the studio while Shea and I waited outside.

Soon after the Jonas Brothers arrived, a lady came outside telling us we could come in. We thanked her and headed upstairs. We waited upstairs in the conference room and listen to the Jonas Brothers doing an interview on the Hawk and Tom Show.

Finally the Jonas Brothers came in and played "Year 3000" and "Hello Beautiful.” Before they played "SOS," they told us we had to call in and request this song so it can become number one. I told them they will always be number one to me and they thanked me and smiled.

After they performed, they signed autographs and posed for pictures. When it became my turn in line, I gave Kevin Jonas our gift. He thanked us and told us how nice we are. He signs my cd and a poster. Then he gave me a hug. I moved on to Nick Jonas and I could barely talk since he is my favorite of the three. I handed him my things to sign and then mustered up the courage to ask him for a hug. He told me “of course” then gave me a hug. I moved forward to Joe Jonas and he signed my two items. I didn’t even ask for a hug, he just gave me one. We took a picture then waved goodbye.

As soon as we left, it hit me that I had just met my favorite band. Then reality set in and sadly I had to go back to school.
After school, Shea and I headed to Columbia for their concert. I had an amazing time. The Jonas Brothers couldn't have performed better.

I will never forget meeting the Jonas Brothers. This memory will last me a lifetime. Hopefully I will meet them again soon.

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