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March 3, 2011
By MiteACal BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
MiteACal BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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The young creative mind of an eight year old at a funeral is only surpass by what he views that day, and that day alone. The small Mr. Wheeler was merely attending his grandfather’s funeral, while the dear lad had no true views on religion, only thinking that it was bed time story that adults tell there kids in hopes of scaring them into submission. While he did never seem to be close to his grandfather, his choice in going to this funeral was outspoken, no matter what he could have said, he had to attend.

While sitting upon the bench, lessening to the priest, family, and friends speak of how great a man “Harold” was, young Zack was off in space only to think of things that clutter the mind, wanting to run out of the church and explore for some secret treasure. Most would call that attention deficit disorder, but his family just called it, easily distracted. While those thoughts rushed through his mind, he couldn’t help but dose off on the bench, the stories had finally lulled him into a rest.

He soon awoke to the touch of his mothers hand on his shoulder, telling him it was time to say goodbye to grandpa. As they walked to the back of the church where the graveyard was held, Zack strolled around reading all of the graves, only to wonder why people died, and why they where put in the ground. Loosing track of what was going on once again; he was brought back to reality with the sound of music as they put the casket over the grave ready to be buried. The hopes of understanding what the plummeting six feet under caused him to rush to the front, to see what was happening.

Zack took his place looking around at the flowers over the casket and people crying all around, he couldn’t help but wonder where good ol’ Grandpa was heading. Soon though, something bright had caught his eye, Zack gazed down pass the casket only to see a concrete walkway leading into a greatly bright light. Doing what humans do best when confronted with something they did not understand, young Zack could only assume that it was where all the dead people went once they where buried.

As he gazed upon the light trying in hopes to get a better and more appealing glimpse at what was most likely a figment of his imagination, he tugged upon his fathers arm hopping to get a response, but unfortunately his father was glued to the view of his lost father-in law. Young Zack tugged harder and quietly tried to get his attention. After a short time his father had finally looked down and asked him what was wrong, still having the look in his eyes of confusion and some form of fear, he calmly asked what the hall into the light meant.

His father only looked at him with confusion and only the words “what hall” could have been moved from his lips. Zack feeling as if he was the only one who could see, looked back at the hall and back at his father, there was nothing he could do to show his father, and he knew that. While Zack had been looking into the grave, he saw the light grow brighter, then suddenly dim back to normality. The look he gave was one of pure amazement and simplicity, the world suddenly shifted and gave a lighter feeling, one not to strong, and only notice if focused on the world around. It had felt as if peace and tranquility had crowded all that was around him.
He was lost for words and only wanted to know what all this could have meant to him and everyone around him, but as he gazed, no minds had changed, the weeping of the lost, the upset, and even the ones who only showed up for the food had been unchanged, all staring at the casket, faces motionless only with “tears”. This feeling Zack could not abide by and yank his father should and demanded an answer.

His father tried once again to avoid answering any more childish questions that his son had wanted answered, he grew tired of the game Zack had been playing and looked at him one more time furiously to tell him there is no light, and there is no hallway, the games he was playing where not funny and no one around him was laughing, he needed to grow up. The only feeling that could take Zack now was misery, looking back at the grave as the casket was slowly lowered in, something had changed though, as if only the mind that Zack foresaw and fallen into reality.
What he saw was no longer though his eyes but through the eyes of everyone around him. The light that glistened in Zack’s eyes slowly faded, He looked amongst the grave as it was slowly buried, showing that nothing could conclude what he saw, and what reality forced him to see. Zack could only look up at the world, as if all was no longer dreams and imagination, it was all what everyone else made it seem, a low and dismal place. Zack soon looked at the grave buried in dirt as men after men worm infested dirt onto the soon to be forgotten man, with a tear running down his face; no belief in any form of hope, Zack knew what everyone had cried for.

The author's comments:
So This is loosely based on a true story that happened with me, i'm not religious, so the view of that was cut out. Other then that enjoy

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