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March 3, 2011
By KevinStroh BRONZE, Plymouth, Massachusetts
KevinStroh BRONZE, Plymouth, Massachusetts
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Everybody Doesn’t Have to Love Me

1. There is a lot of hate and dislike in this world. However, fortunately for me I have not experienced much throughout my life. Unfortunately there is always going to be that one person you run into that either you despise or the other way around. For me, it was one of my old classmates, Jessica Bagan. I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me, but that’s ok. She found my third grade self irritating and bothersome. Maybe it had something to do with me flicking erasers at her all the time. Oh well, that’s the way it goes.

It Is Okay to Make Mistakes

2. Nobody is perfect, me especially. Everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others. It is okay to make them and get upset about them. Some people let there mistakes hang over their heads and bother them their whole life. That’s not the case for me, but I do remember one in elementary school. I pulled the chair out from under my friend Joe. Unfortunately my teacher was right there watching over me and luckily for me my friend did not get hurt.

Other People Are Okay and I Am Okay

3. Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves or presenting themselves. Not everyone has to be exactly like you; in fact it is okay to be different. I remember when I saw a very gothic dressed person walking on the side of the road. It was wearing all black with tons of piercings and had chains that almost touched the ground. That’s right I said it because I couldn’t tell whether it was a boy or a girl because of the oversized hoody it was wearing. I looked at that person like it was an alien. Maybe that person looked at me funny too, who knows.

I Don’t Have to Control Things

4. Some people are control freaks; I am not one of them. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried to control something at least once in my lifetime. Everyone tries to control something, some more than others. I tried to control a group project for geography one time and it ended up not going well or as planned because the group ended up just arguing over everything.

I Am Responsible for My Day

5. Have you ever had a bad day, and blamed it on someone else, like your little sister. I’ve blamed my bad day on a family member or a friend, or taken my frustration out on someone who did absolutely nothing to make my day bad. Just reverse the situation and ask yourself, do I want someone being mad at me for no apparent reason?

I Can Handle It When Things Go Wrong

6. When things go wrong, I can usually handle it on my own. I don’t cause a lot of trouble myself so I don’t usually have to worry about fixing any messes I get myself into. The only thing I really have to worry about is my schoolwork, but I do well. The main wrong of mine that really needs fixing is my procrastination. I can handle it but it needs fixing.

It Is Important To Try

7. Trying is very important in any thing anyone does. It is very important to me especially. I have had my parents, teachers and countless coaches tell me to always try one hundred and ten percent in everything I do. If you do that, there is no question that you will be successful in whatever you decide to do for life. I’ve also been told to never give up no matter how bad the situation that I am in is. It bugs me even if I see a McDonald’s employee not working hard, yes its McDonalds, but they should be thankful they have a job. The bottom line is hard work and effort will do wonders for you.

I Am Capable

8. I am capable of achieving any of my goals in my life. It just requires effort and trying, like what I talked about in the paragraph above. I could become the next Lebron James if I want to. It’s just that desire you have and the amount of drive your body has. All the good things in life come from hard work. If I do my best and work hard I can do anything I put my mind to.

I Can Change

9. Humans are designed to change their habits. For me, if someone tells me to improve on something or work harder, I usually take their advice into consideration. I can change the way I do things to perform better in athletics or academics. I will admit that I am stubborn and I don’t listen to peoples advice or orders all the time, but I can definitely change the way that is best for me.

Other People Are Capable

10. I don’t have to worry about other people’s problems, because there are millions and millions of people who are capable of doing things, just like me. Plenty of other people can solve their own problems and take care of themselves without having someone worry about them or receiving anyone’s help. So, why should I worry? I shouldn’t and should anyone else. The most important thing to worry about is me, myself and I. That’s not to say you should put yourself ahead of everyone, but you should mainly worry about yourself, because other people are capable.

I Can Be Flexible

11. I can be flexible; not in the doing a split kind of way, but with people and situations. Sometimes you have no choice but to be flexible, you just have to take what life throws at you. For example, if you are working in a group project, everyone in the group has to be flexible in order for the group to succeed. With my personal experience, I learned to be flexible with people and situations. My parents are separated, so I may be at my mom’s house one night and at my dad’s the next. Life requires humans to be flexible.

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