Rantings of a Wanna-Be Writer

March 2, 2011
This is my first time to write something for Teen Ink. I really don’t know what to say. I have a hard time writing things, but I really enjoy doing it. My problem is finding something to write about. Most of the time I just rant about my feelings and inner thoughts. Once I get started talking about something though, it’s hard to stop. The problem is coming up with something to talk about. This is usually how I start my writings. I talk about nothing in particular, then I eventually start talking about a subject. Maybe I could get some tips or motivation on writing. Sometimes I wonder if I should just talk like this, about my thoughts, or if I should find a subject and stick to it. Like religion, or politics, or the kids of the 21st Century. Truth is, I don’t know very much of those things to be able to talk about it like that. Especially politics. Now I think I do know enough about kids today, I’m just trying to decide if I want to write about them or not. I think if I did it would be a very long article.
Maybe I should put more thought into it. I could probably come up with something to write about if I really thought about it. I have always written little things every now and then. Not much, sometimes just rantings like this. And as I’d write it, I’d think it was really boring, and that I should just stop and give up. But then as the months would go by, I’d go back and read it and find it entertaining. Perhaps only because I had been the one who had written, although it didn’t feel like I had written because I didn’t remember what it said. But I still KNEW that I had written it.
I really do enjoy writing, though, and I hope someday I’ll write something really good, that everyone will enjoy reading. Maybe that is just wishful thinking. Maybe I will never get any further than just writing things like this. Who knows? And I think I’ve read articles in magazines kind of like this, and you wonder how it ever got published. I suppose it depends on who reads it. Everyone is so different. You can never predict what will happen.

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