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Every vessel in Me

March 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Once again I'm going through this darkening state. The frozen ice is piercing my heart. That furious hurricane that once was is now back to torment my life. This time i don't know the horrors' of what's to come. Now my life is covered by a dark shadow.
Could I ask of the one person that's saved me before from this treturous debt to do so again? Could I let go of what's eating me from the inside out if I was to ask of this person? Or would it be too much to bear? Could i tell them "You saved me once, can you do it again?" would they reach me before it's too late?
Every vessel in me is telling me to run before I'm dead. My portion of light I once had is fading. My eyesight is shimmering, every breath in me is turning to nothingness. I have not slept in days', for I am cold and frozen from the inside out. If I cannot get help then I'm going to com bust, my life will be ruined.
I guess It's too late, my time is about up, I'm going to explode. the fiery in me is becoming too great, the thunder of my wrath is almost here. if you face my wrath, don't get too close cause the poison in my bite will hurt you. I never knew I could be so cold hearted, so cold blooded. well here it is, my wrath has exploded, it's no longer a flare, it's blazing.
I can no longer see my life flash before my eyes, for all I see is red. my dreams once again has left my mind abandoned. My eye's are cold with fiery raging inside me. now every vessel in me is dying, I can no longer run. But I wounder could that someone still save me from this darkening, raging state I'm in?
now I'm beginning to wounder when will this rage cede? And now I fear of how deep of a cut this rage is going to leave on me. I wounder how big of a scar it's going to leave with me forever. now the rage is dying out, my shadows are fading away. My furious hurricane has receded, leaving my heart unfrozen too. My dreams and eyesight has returned, my light has sparked and now is blaring so bright that the warmth of it has healed that dreadful scar that my rage had caused.

The author's comments:
The rage I had been feeling is what made me write this piece. But no matter how many times it flares it will always cede and go away cause you can't stay in rage, or anger forever.

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