Ways teen experience loneliness

February 28, 2011
By Anonymous

The main idea of this writing assignment is ways a teenager can experience loneliness. I will be writing based on my perspective of how a teenager may encounter loneliness during the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression when the Stock market crashed, many banks and industries shut down. This affected many people including teenagers. People were unemployed and many of them lost their homes. Being a teenager during this time, I can only imagine how lonely I would feel while going through these difficult times. Having no place to live, no money coming in, and watching your family and yourself suffer can cause families to separate. Who wants to leave their loved ones behind? No one does.
In this case being a teenager and experiencing these conflicts, you are alone. Today a teenager deals with loneliness in a different manner. Loneliness is actually worse when you are a teenager because there is still an immaturity within all these teens. Specific nationality, clothing brands, music you listen to, popularity, sports or clubs you are in are what young teens look at and are interested in. This all leads to a teen feeling isolated because of their appearance. All of this can cause them to feel like they are not good enough or that they need to change who they are so they can “fit in” the crowd. Judgments are made and pushes them away, leaving them isolated.

Isolation to a teen does not only occur with other teenagers but also within their family. Some teenagers have parents that work full time or are just never home, leaving them isolated. This also causes one to think and feel that there will never be someone around when needed, or even at all. In some cases, this can also affect a teen by not only feeling lonely, but also their mentality.

I believe that feeling lonely and being alone are not the same things. From my point of view, there are times when you just want to be alone with no one to bother you. Feeling lonely is not by choice, it is by emotion. When you are in a community, you are not alone. You may feel lonely if you are alone in the community, but I do not believe they are the same.

Looking back to the Great Depression, I believe teenagers suffer more today than they did before. This is just because today, more things that are crucial are happening then there was during the Great Depression. Although in my opinion, I do believe life was more difficult then because of the experiences living through the Great Depression. However, One thing those teenagers can look back to was the independence they have gained during that harsh arduous period.

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