Not the Future

March 18, 2008
By Key McKinley, Academy Rd., IN

Did you know that the first text message was sent in 1992, and now the number of text messages, sent and received exceeds the world’s population? Did you know that the internet started in 1995, and in 2005 one in eight couples met online. Both were facts I learned today, while watching the short video. Although the video interested me, I did not think about the continual development of technology or how many text messages will be sent in 2010. I thought about my future.

Living at for three and a half years, I never thought this time would come. The time when I would have to decide, my future plans. Although people complain constantly about the military, excess school work, and being away from home, the truth remains that after three and a half years here you become quite comfortable. Since freshmen year I have been best friends with the three same people Ross, Alex and CB. We call ourselves the RACK “Ross Alex Cb Key”. Going through hell as freshmen, all nighters, avoiding the OC, cold winter days, and all the tough times Culver throws upon us; make us even closer. Coming to a new place, adjusting and making friends can be difficult. Thinking, in a few short months, I will have to do it again. No Fun!

In ninety-four days I will be saying goodbye to Culver and hello to the unknown. Will I be ready? I do not know, and this is why the unknown terrifies me, because you never really know. With people asking me all kinds of questions, I get scared. For example, where will you go to college? What will you major in? Will you be independent or join a frat? Will you play lacrosse? I wince at the thought of so many decisions, but four years at Culver, if taken advantage of, does prepare you for the unknown. My new cadet year, my room had to be perfect, my uniform faultless, and I scurried to duties three times a day. I thought “this is pointless”. I was wrong. Balancing the new cadet system, athletics, and the rigorous academic schedule, Culver taught me valuable lessons. Including, self-discipline, time management, and respect for others. Was it a hassle? YES! But was it worth it? Definitely.

When people ask me where will you go to college? What will you major in? Will you be independent or join a frat? Will you play lacrosse? I still cringe. Will I be ready? With 94 days left, I still do not know. I know I will miss Culver and all of my friends. I also know the friendships I have made will last forever. Finally, I know that Culver instilled in me a glimmer of hope for the future; and a hope that I will achieve success.

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