Secrets in a Small Town

March 17, 2008
John pulled his 63 Mustang into the drive way, he was fifteen minutes late for his midnight curfew. He was worried that his parents would be in the den silently waiting to chew him out. He silently opened the door and hope that no one would be awake. “Hi John” screeched Lenny John’s kid sister. They were two minutes apart bit John thought that she was a big pain in the butt. “Dang girl you gonna get me in trouble pipe down some would ya!” said John in a whisper scream. “Why should I? You are fifteen minutes late, you get away with murder! This would be sweet revenge from that time you busted me when I went to Jesse’s party without you. Give me a reason I shouldn’t tell!” rushed Lenny angrily. “ I know I was wrong for that so I’ll get you two tickets to see R. Kelly next year, six months worth of Starbucks coffee, I’ll do your chores for a month, and tell you a huge secret about someone we both know and love. “Wow you are desperate deal! Now spill the beans!” said Lenny eagerly. “Alright but first let’s go upstairs I am getting kind of nervous” said John.

Aright NOW tell me” said Lenny excitedly. “I think you need to sit down for this one said John” Doggit John just spit it out already! His sister screeched. “Alright, tonight I saw a girl who said that daddy was her daddy” “Okay and we all know that daddy may have had a kid or two before he met momma” said Lenny. “That’s just it Lenny momma and daddy have been married 22 years this girl is 18 years old!” “She’s lying she can’t be daddy’s child daddy would never sleep around on momma!” said Lenny tearfully. John looked at his sister sadly and said “she is his daughter Lenny she has his blue eyes, big lips, and curly hair.” She showed me her birth certificate and daddy’s name on there in his handwriting! She told me so much things that my head is spinning and now I don’t know what to do, momma and daddy seem happy and I don’t want to be the one who make them get a divorce! Well what do you suppose we do? Asked Lenny daddy can’t get away with this! We have to do something” “What if the affair was a one time thing isn’t it possible that daddy could have just slipped up? Maybe a one night -stand? I refuse to believe daddy had an ongoing relationship with another woman other than momma! Maybe we should just wait if it is true it is bound to come out sooner or later hopefully later.” Said John nervously, at that moment John and Lenny heard foot steps, suddenly the door opened and their father came in. What are the two of you doing to be up this late at night? Lenny took the plunge, “John and I were talking and I think you should know what we were talking about since it involves you.” Their father sat down on Lenny’s bed ready for a lame excuse. John decided that it was now or never so he started, when he was done his father had a faraway look on his face. Then he started to speak and this is what he said “When your mother and I were married for a little over three years we started to have problems, they got to the point where we went our separate ways for a while. During that time I had a girl friend trying to get over your momma and she had her boyfriend trying to get over me. Six months went by and we realized that we were miserable with out each other, so we broke off our relationships and got back together. We knew there was a chance that your momma might have been pregnant but she wasn’t and my ex-girlfriend went away to Italy so I figured there was nothing to worry about, now I see that I was wrong. The woman’s name was Josette McAdams and she is this girl’s mother, tell me does she have a birth mark on her hand the shape of a small triangle? John thought for a moment and said yes sir. “Then she is definitely the daughter of Josette McAdams she had to have been at least three months pregnant when I broke up with her. I feel bad that I did not figure it out, she had all the signs I was just too stupid to see it.” said John’s father quietly. “What will you do daddy? Asked Lenny, “I will tell your mother what I have found out she is my wife and we don’t have secrets.” He said. Will she be hurt? I don’t know but she will be crushed if I keep this from her and she finds out in the street what I have known for maybe months.” With that he got up and left the room and silently went back to his room, stunned that he and an ex- lover had a child together. He instantly regretted that he and his wife had ever gone their separate ways and that he was stupid enough to find pleasure in another woman. What was done was done and he could not go back in the past and change any of it. The best he could do was tell her the truth because he knew that what was what his wife deserved. He got into bed and his wife turned over and said, “What’s the matter John? “He turned over and said “I found out something tonight that will change both of our lives forever” with that answer Melania sat straight up in bed and said “John Michael Ferguson you had better start talking RIGHT NOW!! So John told his wife all that his son had told him when he was done his wife was pacing the room with tears running down her face. Finally she said “We both knew this could happen so I am not angry, however I am hurt that what happened in the past has come to our future, even worse that the kids found out before we ever knew what happened. I wonder how this will change everything in our world.”

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