March 17, 2008
By Brock Landmark, Elkton, SD

My first car happened to be a 1991 Chevy Caprice. It was black with white pin stripes along each side. Now it wasn't that bad of a car since it had air conditioning and everything was power and it did ride rather smooth. But when my older brother had the car he had an incident with it.

It was in December I believe and it just got done snowing and the roads were slick. He was bringing TJ home and that's when they decided to go down a narrow alleyway. And well that's when the first accident happened. They lost control and some how managed to hit two buildings. They had caused considerable damage to the front passenger bumper and the back driver-side bumper. So that was the first accident. Which happened to be a very long night of excuses about how it happened and why it happened.

The second accident involved my younger brother. He was asked to go out to Sky-view and to pick up an order or something like that. This too happened in December. So he came back and well something didn't seem right and he seemed like he was in a hurry to go to bed. So I then went side out to take the trash out and I wanted to see if there was something wrong with the car. And well I kind of felt shocked because it appeared to look like a huge crease in the front bumper and it was exactly in the middle. I then went into the house and told my parents what happened, and they called him down and started asking him questions, and he was not telling them the truth. So eventually he told them a bunch of stories that they didn't believe but he did admit to what he did, just not how it happened.

To this day we still don't know how it happened, but I believe he was doing something to show off or to just be cool. I don't know, nor do I care. So that was how the second major accident happened to the Caprice.

By this time my older brother was starting to look for a new car because he was a senior. And it was that time for me to get the Caprice after all that had happened to it. But I was actually excited to get it just because it was my first car. I didn't really mind the damage because it had a 305 under the hood and a new exhaust that pleased my ears. However, it did have some faded paint but that usually didn't draw people's attention like the huge indent on the front bumper. From the side they could notice that it was involved in yet another accident. So in a way my brothers left their mark on the car that I ended up having to drive.

My junior year I got the car out after we had a huge snowstorm . The first thing that I had to do was to scoop it out of my driveway. That took about forty-five minutes. Then once I had accomplished that my mom wanted to take the car around the block, and she had to have her fun with it. My parents knew that I was going to go have a good time with my car and they were not going to attempt to stop me. I then called TJ up and our plan was to go watch movies at his house after we picked up Rachel and Cassandra. Once we picked them up we had decided to go cruise around E-town. And well the streets were not cleared so we wanted to do some donuts or cookies/whatever you want to call them. Since there was no one around during a blizzard at twelve o-clock we kind of had the town to ourselves and didn’t have to worry about cops. Once we got going we got on Main Street, which was deserted, and well that’s when the cookies started. We did have some setbacks because it’s rear wheel drive and the tires were a Wal-mart special. We did get stuck but I didn’t really want the women driving so we had them get out and push. But that didn’t last and when I let them drive I swore the odometer was at like eighty and she was not about to let off. I then called my older brother to come help and we did get it out. By that time it was like one thirty and we had about enough of pushing. However, there was too much snow to park in the front of TJ’s so by that time Ryan Bebensee had just started clearing the streets, but we couldn’t get in the alleyway. So I had him clear TJ’s alleyway and so that’s how that night ended and it ended at about two in the morning.

When I drove the car to places, people would turn their heads not because of the roaring exhaust but of its mere appearance. I always drew a lot of attention to myself and those that were with me, but it was sometimes to our benefit. But when people stare the only thing that I could say to them was, “ya I bet you wish you had a car this unique.”

During the Football season of my senior year, I still had the car and before every game I would just listen to music really loud and just cruise. That was kind of my way of getting ready for the football games. Then I would usually have to get the old rpm’s up there to make a roar like that of a Spartan. So that was how I used the car before football games.

During the hot summers when I would sometimes have to drive to where we would be landscaping, I was glad that my car had some of the best air conditioning that one could ask for in a car. I would often brag it up saying that it was better than my mom’s brand new car’s air conditioning. However, it did have its setbacks. I could recall a few times when it had to be at least a hundred degrees and felt as if the sun was but feet away from me. And that’s when the Caprice had what it could take and the next thing I noticed was smoke coming from underneath the hood like a wild fire. I pulled over to the side of the road and then called my grandpa to come get me a

Now I have a blazer and the caprice has been retired and life did move on but rather slowly. It was hard to let go of something that was so graceful and sounded as sweet as it did. No, it was not that big of a deal when I got a new vehicle.

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