March 17, 2008
By Rebecca Holm, Elkton, SD

She’s strong. Crazy and confidant. She always has a way of speaking her mind, even if no one cares. Her life consists of making the best of it, rather than focusing on belongings and property. She’s one of those people you’d describe as not being smart, but being wise. Katie always knows just the right thing to say. She's independent. She's brave. She's my sister.

She’s opinionated. She’s very narrow-minded and outspoken. When Katie has her mind made up about something, there is no changing it. The only goal my sister has in life is to wake up in the morning when she is eighty years old and have something to show for her life. She values being herself no matter what other people may think. She doesn’t worry about finding Mr. Right or settling down. In her opinion Mr. Right should have to find her. She doesn’t sit and wait for him either; she enjoys every minute of waking up alone and having time to herself. If he doesn’t come, she’d probably be just as happy, if not happier, without him.

She’s courageous. She has a free spirit and doesn’t worry about where she’ll end up. When asked where she is heading, she’ll reply, “Oh, well, I’ll probably just decide when I’m getting gas; if a woman is singing on the radio I’ll head west, and if it’s a male singer then I’ll be heading east.”

She’s straightforward. People may hate my sister because she is so forthright and frank. She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. She strives to be different. After meeting her, you may absolutely hate her but at the same time can’t help falling in love with her whit and charm. Being ten years apart doesn’t leave many things for us to have in common, but I wish I could be a lot more like her. My parents describe her as an earth biscuit, always embracing a simple lifestyle instead of being a slave to money and greed. Her wrists and fingers are filled with jewelry given to her by fascinating people that she has met in her past. Her hair is very long and wavy with a reddish tint that, when looked at from just the right angle, appears almost like the hair of a mermaid. Her olive green eyes are as beady as possum’s eyes covered with black makeup. Her short legs and curvy body are usually covered in knee length skirts and dresses. Her smile reveals the gap between her two front teeth, but it still lightens up a room. Her individuality defines her. Her individuality makes her beautiful, and to me, she's the most beautiful person I know.

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