Seth Enslow

March 14, 2008
Seth Enslow was born in 1975 some in New York. Seth was brought up by his mother and father. Seth was one of those kids that did be leave in fear
kind of like me. Seth has five moto x championships from espn. The awards are mostly for best tick or for worst crash a lot of people think Seth is immortal
Seth recently resaved an award from nbc’s longest grative. Seth has been riding moto x for twenty years now. One reason I thought was really different was he did this
because he was grounded. He has three world records he eared them all in the same day. One record is for highest jump on a 250cc bike. The next one is for longest jump. And last but not least was the worst crash. This crash was not like any of his others this one was bad I mean bad to the bone. Here is how it happen
first he hit the ramp at 78mph then he traveled thought the air and over shoot his landing by 30feet his frame bottom out and made him shoot forward and he smashed
his head on his claush prush when at hospital Seth had to be cut open from ear to ear then they had to pull Seth face down to take out all the crushed bone
The bone that he crushed was the orbital socket. The bone was so badly crushed they had to replace it with steal. After three painful years to recover
Seth was back on his bike doing what he loves. His love for moto x he finally planed a double back flip. During the first attempt of his double back flip his bike staled out in mid air when he landed his bike just spit in half. Seth got up and fell after the attempt he was flone to New York hospital. When at the hospital he was sadly given three broken ribs a crack vertebra and a shatter forearm. After all that healed he return to moto and won 7 championships. Soon crusty demons of dirt seen Seth and ask him to join with a sound of joy he said yes. It has been 20 years of moto x for Seth. I think Seth is not retiring any time soon

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