A Year Gone By

March 13, 2008
365 days in a year.
Cut into four different seasons…
Summer, fall, winter, spring
The cycle begins

365 days in a year
The nice warm days where you can walk outside in the hot sun with a nice cool refreshing lemonade in your hand, and there is nothing to worry about.

Tee-shirts and shorts…

365 days in a year
The trees fade to yellow like someone had drawn on them with a bright yellow crayon.
You can see the leaves day by day as they get brighter and more exuberant to the naked eye.
They fall to the ground dying as they get older and colder.

365 days in a year
The cold lurks in as the heat seeps out almost as if it wants to move down south,
Snow is the cold that drops from the sky; it fills the ground with white.
Winter coats and snow pants are what you have to wear to keep yourself warm.

Eventually, the snow turns to water,
The sun comes back,
The cycle begins.
As it comes to the spring.

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