Start to a New Beginning

March 12, 2008
By Rachael Reis, Clarkston, MI

“I don’t want to dad.”
Peeking around the messy garage,
with the old jeep parked in it and the tools set out.
Two girls in the next driveway having fun.
Chalk drawings and laughter,
the kind where your stomach begins to hurt.

Her dad grabbed her hand.
The grip as tight as can be,
making her knuckles white.
The sweat began to moisten her hand
and her cheeks became rosy.
She was nervous for the response,
the butterflies in her stomach took over.
She walked with her head down,
as if she was trying to hide herself.
The itchy grass rubbed on her ankles,
walking from one yard to the next…

“Can she play with you guys…?”
The silence started,
to hear nothing but the wind blowing.
Her heart began beating faster and faster.
She waited for the response,
and was relieved when the silence broke.
Her heart felt warm.

The start of a friendship arose,
something that hasn’t ended."

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