Go Give Your Parents a Hug

March 8, 2008
By Michelle Lettus, Hudson Falls, NY

Go give your parents a hug. Seriously. You never know when you may not get the chance. I have found out that you don't get enough chances.
My mom was the kind of person you could never forget. She worked hard for her children and everyone in her family. She had her thoughts, and believe me you knew them. But she was respectful when she told you. My sister and I both have her stubborness. She was funny. I'll admit I was totally embrassed at times.
I miss my mom's jokes now and I wish I could give her one more hug. She passed away October 6, 2006 after having a heart attack a week before. I know how annoying parents can be sometimes, but they mean well. Even when you get mad at them, just be careful of what you say. You may regret it. Becareful who is around when you say stuff, too. I t sounds silly that people would miss that but even when they yell at you, you know a hug will be coming real soon.

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