The Groove Mobile

March 7, 2008
An old ’89 Honda Accord, dark tan with the paint chipping everywhere, dents all over the place, old stickers plastered on the windows. The driver side door makes an obnoxious squeak when you open it. It shakes uncontrollably when sitting at a red light... all of these things are what make my car so special to me.

My car, or “groove mobile” as some call it, may have sat in someone’s backyard for two years. It may have had to have way too much work done to it. But I love it. The “groove mobile” is a very reliable car. Just the other day I went into a ditch going around 70mph and all it needed afterwards was to be towed out. It may have a broken mirror and a damaged blinker, but it still runs wonderfully.

Whenever I’m feeling down or simply need to get out, I always hop in my car and just drive. My car is perfect for this because the gas mileage is great. I’ll just drive with my music turned up, and it really does help me forget everything.

Since it’s not the nicest car, I let my friends do whatever they want when they ride with me. They can eat or drink, and if something gets spilled, oh well! I am constantly cleaning out all the garbage it collects from everyone. Just recently, my friend wrote a message with duct tape on the roof of my car. But seriously, what better way to make a car yours. Especially your first car. I’m pretty sure my next car will be new and I won’t let half these things happen to it. So why not enjoy all of it now?

My car is very special to me. It is reliable in the worst of situations. It helps me when I need cheering up or to just get away. Best of all, we don’t have to be extra careful with it - all the better for everyone who rides with me. It may not be the coolest or the prettiest car, and it does have many faults, but that’s why I love it so much.

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