We All Want to Have a Life Full of Success

March 7, 2008
We all want to have a life full of success. Many people just automatically assume that success has to deal with material goods. The real joy of living comes to us when we learn to go with the flow and accept life as it comes. It is not difficult to become successful. People often tend to blame others for their failures. One of the most promising aspects of success is that we see it everyday, all around us. There are plenty of formulas to achieve success in college. The most important goal for me as a person is to succeed in college and go on to become a successful person.
One formula inparticular that is very important in achieving success is the power of determination. In the end, determination is what carries you towards your goals. You have to be determined to a lot of things. When I go away to college I am not going to have my parents their every step of the way telling me what I can and cannot do. I have to be responsible and fight for myself. One determination that I have to have is showing up to all my classes on time. I am so use to having my parents waking me up every morning for school. They were my determination all through high school. When I go away to school I am not going to have that. My mind can do anything that it wants to, but only if it has the unwavering strength of determination.

Another formula that has a big role in success is coping with failure. Nothing hurts a person more than failure. Failure prevents people from success. Many individuals can not deal with having everything go their way so they quit. In that case, they do not succeed. If I can cope with failure then it shouldn’t be hard for me to succeed in college. Failure is just a part of growing. If you don’t fail then it is almost impossible to learn. When an individual fails, they like to blame anyone but themselves. I would like to believe that if I am ever put into a case where I fail I will not blame it on anyone other then myself. A large reason that people often fail is because they maintain low energy levels and they have a difficult time balancing their time. In 9th grade I didn’t do as well as I planned. This was mostly because I did not know how to balance my time. I had a lot of trouble balancing school time with personal time. I was one of the girls who didn’t want to be left out of anything so I believe that I spent more time worrying about my social life than I did about school. As I got older and more intelligent I realized that life can not be all about my friends. I realized that in most cases, if I want to be successful than I have to risk some things. Once I got that through my mind, I started doing much better in school, and surprisingly, my grades dramatically increased. I went from being a lower 80’s student to making high honor roll almost every marking period.

One more very important formula to success I’d say would have to be organization. If a person is not organized in any way, it will be almost impossible for them to succeed. Another problem that I had, and still do is organization. Every year I tell myself that I am going to be organized, but does it happen? No. I believe that my grades would increase a little if I was more organized. My papers tend to be all over and I can never find the right assignments the day they are due. Thankfully, I am organized in my own ways. Although my papers are scattered all over the place, for the most part I know where they all are. Even if I can’t find them the day they are due. I will end up finding them. I think a big reason people are so unorganized is due to laziness and procrastination. That’s definitely what it is in my case. I can be very lazy at times, and that may be a big distraction in being successful in the future. I think that everyone procrastinates in some way shape or form. I always tell myself that I am going to do an assignment the day it is due even if I have a week to do it, but that never seems to be the case. I always end up doing it the night before. When I go to college, I don’t think that is going to work out very well. I have siblings that are currently in college, and they tell me every day that if I were to ever procrastinate in college as much as I do now, there would be a good chance that I would not succeed.

We each have different ideas about success. In general, I can conclude that everyone wants to be successful. Being successful is the most important goal for me. I plan on living through the hardships of success and even if I fail, I can say that I tried. As soon as I can, I plan on changing my ways. I am going to try my hardest to try to be organized, as hard as that may be. Generally, success means the achievement of something attempted. As long as I know I attempted something and tried my hardest, I will not let failure stand in my way.

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